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The “Lightyear” director blames the internet trolls for bad movie reviews

The “Lightyear” director blames the internet trolls for bad movie reviews

Even before it hit theaters June 17, Disney and Pixar’s latest movie Light year created lots of controversy. First, fans were not thrilled that Disney decided to cast Marvel star Chris Evans as the voice of Buzz Lightyear, instead of using Tim Allen, who expressed the original character throughout the film. Toy Story franchise. Second, many viewers took issue with the fact that it was not just a lesbian couple, but that they share a short kiss. That scene alone led to the film being banned in a number of countries, including Saudi Arabia.

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Credit: PIXAR Animation Studios

Not long after Light year was released, it was bombarded with a number of negative reviews. However, director Angus MacLane defends the new Pixar movie and clarifies what he thinks caused the huge amount of negative reviews – internet trolls. Twitter user @sherelleigh said they loved Light year and could not understand why it had such low ratings, and MacLane replied:

Short answer: much like the second chapter of THE HOBBIT, it’s mainly about trolls

Many times people can look at reviews before deciding to watch a movie, but MacLane gave a good reason why everyone should watch Light year and do not look at reviews. According to MacLane, the majority of the negative reviews came from people who did not actually see the film. MacLane tweeted:

Have only looked at the numbers. The ratings for LIGHTYEAR are * significantly * higher from people who have seen the movie, than from people who have not

While Light year may struggle with reviews from people who have not seen it, there are many who have seen it and love it and let MacLane know. This includes Suan C. (@ScottishSuzee)who has been to the cinema to see the film 23 times since it was released!

“Scottishsuzee mission log star date 030722 I’ve had 16 days filled with popcorn, ice blowing, smiles and happiness, and I’ve managed to complete my mission … @ PixarsLightyear screening number 23 completed” Thanks @AngusMacLane @Pixar @ChrisEvans @year #cineworld # Lightyear sox

Before the film’s release, Disney clarified that the film was based on the real Space Ranger that inspired the play Buzz Lightyear, and that’s why Chris Evans’ cast was taken. Disney also decided to put the same sex kiss back in the film after leaving it in the editing room. That decision was made not long after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the controversial Parental Rights In Education bill.

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