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The Boys Season 3 Final Summary and Review

The Boys Season 3 Final Summary and Review

The boys Season 3 has been about new factions that have formed when the teams (and surrogate families) like Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and Homelander (Antony Starr) built around them, broke and split. The revelation that the original superhero Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) was still alive changed the hierarchy of power in The Boys universe, as Homelander suddenly had an opponent to fear, and Butcher had the weapon he needed to eventually kill his nemesis. The penultimate episode, however, delivered the bomb that Homelander was created from the Soldier Boys’ DNA, giving the two titans every reason in the world to bond, instead of fighting.

(WARNING: The boys Season 3 Final SPOILERS Follow!)

Summary of the final for The Boys season 3

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The final episode “The Instant White-Hot Wild” begins with Homelander still trying to process his revealing phone conversation with Soldier Boy, even when Vought faces the storm of controversy over Starlight (Erin Moriarty) who is out of Homelander for his murderous chaos and reveals to the world as Soldier Boy is still alive.

When he hears that Soldier Boy is actually his father, Homelander becomes sentimental – so he uses the information from Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) to track down his own son, Ryan, where Mallory is hiding him. This time, Ryan is far more receptive to Homelander’s passionate prayer for the family, as he hears it coming from his father – a role Butcher cruelly passed on.

Starlight’s second major revelation to the world – that Maeve (Dominique McElligott) has been kidnapped or killed by Vought – only causes a deeper schism in the American public. While pro- and anti-homeland factions collide outside Vought HQ, Ashley (Colby Minifie) and Deep (Chace Crawford) take the initiative to move the imprisoned Maeve out of the company’s premises. It turns out to be a foolish miscalculation, because Maeve escapes.

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Meanwhile, The Boys gather to complete their mission to take out Homelander and Black Noir, and bring justice to Butcher and Soldier Boy, respectively. The team’s various subplots of both personal and interpersonal conflicts must be leveled out – as only The Boys can. Frenchie and MM bond and find comfort in each other; Butcher tries to be a nobler man by knocking Hughie (Jack Quaid) out and leaving him at a gas station, instead of letting him take longer Temp-V and be killed.

At Vought, The Seven has a similar reality check moment. A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) must face both her crippled brother and Homelander for killing Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler) in a rage; The Deep and Ashley must be held responsible for Homelander for losing Maeve, and Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) bravely returns to the team, after running in fear that his former teammate Soldier Boy would come to get a refund. Homelander handles it all in true Homelander fashion: he tears Noir’s stomach out for keeping the secret about Soldier Boy all these years, and then he dreads his entire team (and wig-wearing Ashley) as insignificant minorities. Homelander gets some sort of use out of The Deep by sending him to assassinate a U.S. senator in hopes of becoming vice president right in his own pool, paving the way for Neuman’s progress.

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After Butcher takes off with Soldier Boy to kill Homelander and Noir (no need for that!), Starlight picks up Hughie and they meet again with Maeve and the remaining Boys members. There is debate over whether to make saving Butcher part of the mission, and Hughie is the only one who has enough love left to do so. Butcher and Soldier Boy bond with their messy dads and unreliable teammates as they wait to fight. The rest of The Boys catch up with them, and after everyone gets to Butcher, they settle down and put differences aside for the mission to be done.

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The last act of The boys The Season 3 finale sees an epic battle unfold on Vought when Soldier Boy arrives with The Boys and Maeve. Soldier Boy views Homelander as inferior and weak, so no alliance can be entered into; However, Homelander brings up Ryan, who chooses his father’s side of the fight. In the end, everyone gets pretty hurt and / or maimed; Soldier boy is put back in stasis; Maeve is believed to be dead and retires with her boyfriend; Deep and A-Train both pay personal costs to return to The Seven, and Butcher finds out that Temp-V has given him a year (at most) to live just while The Boys get back together.

In the final scene, Ryan Homelander brutally lasers a protester in front of a public crowd in broad daylight, and is worshiped for it. Ryan’s eerie smile suggests he’s ready to follow in Homelander’s footsteps.

The Boys season 3 final review

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Undoubtedly, The boys The Season 3 finale delivered the biggest and best fight sequence the series has ever done – and that really says something after the epic tag team fight during the “Herogasm” episode. The number of combatants, stunt work and use of space (in the thematic setting of a news media studio) was first-class work – not to mention all the VFX work at the film level that was done.

That said, “The Instant White-Hot Wild” confirmed a major drawback The boys Season 3: The lack of any real significant progress. This season was about character evolution, and we definitely got a tick in that Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and Hughie learned to be ok with having power (or not); Butcher and Maeve rediscover their respective noble sides (and banks); MM and Frenchie who solved their previous traumas, etc. It was great for the cast to be able to flex more functioning muscles (something they did wonderfully), but it also felt a little overwhelming, narratively.

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In its third season, The Boys still play something safe when it comes to retaining the lead cast – a game that gets boring after a while. A doomsday clock hanging over Butcher adds some exciting stakes for season 4 – but apart from the fact that Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy is a stage thief like Antony Starr’s Homelander – and some hugely improved action – The boys Season 3 does not feel like it will be so memorable.

… does not mean we do not want to The boys Season 4 ASAP, because we do.

The boys Season 3 is now streamed on Prime Video.

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