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Steve Sisolak, Bill Foley praises the Raiders’ Sandra Douglass Morgan

Steve Sisolak, Bill Foley praises the Raiders’ Sandra Douglass Morgan

The new Raiders president Sandra Douglass Morgan received a calling recommendation from the city’s second major league franchise owner on the day of her historic appointment.

“She is extremely intelligent and very practical,” said Golden Knights owner Bill Foley. ‘I would say she’s street smart. Very organized. She is a high quality person. She called and asked me about the position, and I said to her: ‘This is a great opportunity for you. You should take it. I think it fits well. She wants to bring a lot to the party. I do not know the Raiders except from a long way, but it looks like there has been some turnover. I think she will bring stability to that organization. “

Morgan sits on the board of Fidelity National Financial, where Foley is chairman. There is only one line of an impressive resume that Morgan has built throughout his illustrious career.

The Eldorado High School student has left a mark on many prominent Nevadaers along the way.

“I knew Sandra had a bright future when I appointed her head of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, and I’m incredibly proud to see her break barriers in the NFL as the first black female president in the league. She’s a great choice for the team, “I know she will continue to make Nevada proud. I look forward to working with her to create more jobs for Nevada, expand our sports economy and keep Las Vegas the world’s sporting capital,” said Governor Steve Sisolak.

Although running a large franchise is a unique experience, it is not Morgan’s first venture into the sports world. The UNR alumni, who took his law degree from UNLV, had a major oversight role for the sports betting industry during his time at NGCB and also served a term on the Nevada Athletic Commission in addition to his role as deputy chair of the Las Vegas Super Bowl hosts committee.

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“She’s so good,” said former NAC Director Bob Bennett. “She is special. She is such a quick study with the eerie ability to take in the facts and make the right decision. She is a leader I was honored to work with in the Nevada State Athletic Commission and a winner in every sense of the word. “

It is one thing to have hailed her by former colleagues, but those she had the task of supervising share similar views.

“She’s such a strong woman who brought a real business sense to the commission,” said Marc Ratner, UFC’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs. ‘I enjoyed meeting her and working with her. She brings a certain credibility and a very strong bond to the community and the entire state of Nevada. “

That’s one of the things Raiders owner Mark Davis remarked about Morgan after announcing his appointment on Thursday.

“You do not hear a negative word about her and it is difficult to do because she was on the game control board and she had to deal with all these (casinos) outside this stadium,” he said. “She was tough enough to do it, but did it in a way that they thought they were best friends. I really think it’s an ability she has that is unique.”

Derek Stevens owns three downtown casinos that fell under Morgan’s jurisdiction during her time with the NCGB. He raved about her leadership and justice at the helm of the agency, especially in a difficult time in the industry.

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“It was a pleasure working with Sandra Douglass Morgan during the pandemic and during the last year of construction for Circa,” he said. “I respect her highly and think Mark made a good choice as president of the Raiders.”

Former NCGB leader John Moran agrees.

He said the Raiders were “very lucky” to land Morgan, whom he called a straight shooter. Moran believes she will be able to fix any perceived issues in the organization.

“She’s just amazing, a bright lady, well prepared,” he said. “She does what’s right and can fix anything they need. She’s the type who wants to roll up her sleeves and dig straight in.

‘Ace up all the way. She’s going to be perfect. “

He will not get any disagreement from former NFL player Don Morgan, the new team president’s husband.

Informed about the glorious reviews his wife has received from so many who have crossed paths with her over the years, he was not surprised.

“She did things right,” he said. “She paid the dues. She has been involved in our community and earned her good reputation. And this wonderful opportunity. We were college girlfriends and just seeing her work her way through the industry, I’m just super proud of her. “

Review-Journal columnist Ed Graney and reporter Jim Barnes contributed to this report.

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