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[SHOCKING EXPOSED] Eagle Eye Rangefinder: (Shark Tank) “Real Reviews” Shocking US Report? | Ask the experts

[SHOCKING EXPOSED] Eagle Eye Rangefinder: (Shark Tank) “Real Reviews” Shocking US Report?  |  Ask the experts

Eagle Eye

Today, rangefinders have changed golf. First, they eliminated the role of the caddy who kept a target book, and then they gradually removed the dependence on meters or other landmarks. It is rare for someone to go out on the golf course without a distance meter, whether they do it professionally or recreationally. Golfers of all levels use apps, clocks, rangefinders and launch monitors to get to the green with fewer strokes. Today we present the best rangefinder called Eagle Eye Distance Meter and we think it will improve your game, especially if you practice and play regularly. In this article, we will examine the specifications and features of this device, as well as its precautions.

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What is the Eagle Eye Distance Meter?

Eagle Eye Distance Meter is a precise rangefinder that takes accuracy to a new level. The sleek design of this device makes it super easy to carry around. Furthermore, the secure non-slip grip improves the grip on your hand, and it also reduces vibrations to ensure a stable viewing experience, no matter what your hands are. The Eagle Eye Distance Meter was built so you do not have to guess how far you are from the hole. Pin Finder technology is accurate from 1 yard to 800 yards away. You can hit each ball with accuracy and reduce your score.

How does it work?

The primary function of this golf rangefinder is to calculate the distance from where you stand to the finish as accurately as possible. By using your eyes as you would see through a sight, Eagle Eye rangefinder magnifies the target and shoots a laser beam at it to determine the exact distance. The stick is one of the most obvious properties of Eagle Eye rangefinder because it uses Pin Finder technology that accurately detects the thin flag in the background to make sure you have the correct length. However, this device is extremely fast because the laser beam moves at the same speed as the light, which is why you will receive an accurate distance reading in just two minutes. If you are a serious golfer who participates in tournaments, then this equipment with high accuracy rating is worth the extra price.

Technical specifications:

  • Brand Name – EAGLE EYE

  • Manufacturer – My Golfing Store Inc

  • Category – Camera and optics accessories

  • Sports Type – Golf

  • Battery included – Nr

  • Dimensions of the item – 5.94 x 4.61 x 2.83 inches

  • Water resistant – Yes

  • Maximum magnification – 6x

  • Package weight – 0.75 pounds


  • Easy to use device: Eagle Eye Distance Meter requires no configuration. It can be used on the golf course immediately. Digitization of golf has become the norm. The sport is moving towards new technologies that will make the life of golfers easier. These technologies can be difficult to understand. Eagle Eye is a practical and economical alternative.

  • Innovation in military class: You can choose between the modes of continuous scan, golf and speed through the ultra-clear and easy-to-read HD screen. Eagle Eye also has a durable, dustproof and water-repellent body.

  • Pin Sensor Finder Technology: Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder uses the latest 2022 technology to measure 800 yards with a 99.9% accuracy rate. The rangefinder also has a slope calibration system that allows precise shots up and downstream. The pin sensor is precise and can quickly identify overlapping motifs, hazards or wooded areas.

  • A budget-friendly alternative: There are many options, but they will cost you thousands of dollars. Eagle Eye Distance Meter will allow you to cut down on your costs. You can use it to find the distance and help you choose the right club and swing with confidence when you drop the ball inside the hole.

  • Satisfaction guarantee: The company offers lifelong customer service and a 180-day refund policy. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the device.

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Safety tips:

  • You should choose a low-lying place and stay away from the other group members.

  • The safety specifications in the instrument manual must be followed when using this rangefinder to measure distances.

  • To avoid irreversible damage, do not look directly at the laser port.

  • You should inspect the equipment frequently and remove dirt, oil or mildew immediately.

  • To clean the eyepiece or laser transmission windows, a soft damp cloth is recommended.

  • To prevent damage to equipment, it is not permitted to fall from great heights.

How to use this device?

Use the default mode when you need to quickly determine the distance between an object that has no other distractions. Just focus on the eyepiece and then aim the rangefinder’s crosshair at the object you want to confirm the distance. Hold the rangefinder steady and press the power button at the top once. The on-screen display will show the distance to the selected object in meters or yards.

Where to buy?

It is very easy! Go to the official page of the product today, and it will take you to the secure payment page where you have to fill in your details, and the product will be delivered within 72 hours after the confirmation from the buyer. If you are not satisfied with the product and need to return the purchase at any time, you can contact the company’s customer support team and you will receive a full refund within the first 180 days.

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Final conclusion:

Eagle Eye Distance Meter is an ideal choice for those who want to buy the most effective distance meter. It is very durable and made of the best materials, so you will enjoy it for a long time. This rangefinder is equipped with advanced image stabilization and pin sensor technology. This makes it ideal for senior golfers or any person with weak hands. This device locks automatically to the target (even when you shake your hands). … It gives an accurate reading in just a few seconds. It’s incredibly easy to use, whether it’s the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s. It is even more effective if you have the most fragile hands. Finally, we suggest using Eagle Eye Distance Meter for every shot!Gorilla Flow

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