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Reviews with ‘Gamedec’ and ‘Freshly Frosted’, plus today’s new releases and sales – TouchArcade

Reviews with ‘Gamedec’ and ‘Freshly Frosted’, plus today’s new releases and sales – TouchArcade

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for July 5, 2022. In today’s article, we begin with a few reviews to look at. The exciting Gamedec from Anshar Studios and publisher Untold Tales is out first, and then we have a look Freshly frozen from The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild. There’s only one new release to look at today, but here we go, and then we turn around to the lists of new and expiring sales. Let’s get started!

Reviews and mini-views

Gamedec ($ 29.99)

Gamedec bills itself as a single player cyberpunk isometric RPG. And yes, if we are to be very precise in the meaning of words, this is a role play. But if you want to get into the right mind to enjoy Gamedec to the fullest it is probably better to think of it as an adventure game in the series of things like Ace Lawyer Investigations. Get your case, gather your clues, talk to everyone and draw your conclusions. There are many paths to the end of each case, depending on how you choose to investigate, which will be affected by the character’s specific skills and stats.

The gimmick here is that your cases largely take place inside video games. After all, you’re the game detective. It uses these settings to engage in social commentary on a variety of topics, many of which overlap with the gaming industry, such as predatory revenue generation and gaming addiction. It does not always do so in the most satisfying ways, but it hits the notes well enough most of the time. The cases are reasonably engaging even in the worst of times, making it very easy to keep playing. The script doesn’t quite have the kick found in some of the best games in the genre, but it’s good enough.

There is no match in the game. If you do the wrong thing at the wrong time, you can “die”, but you will only end up again. It’s a game after all. All you have to do is look around each area, investigate any hot spots, talk to people, and ask the right questions. You will get clues, and it is up to you to put them together to draw the right conclusion. You can make the wrong ones, but you will mess up one way or the other. you play, you will earn different stat points based on what you do. These points can be exchanged to advance through different professions, which can open up new dialogue choices and actions for you. It all flows well enough, as long as you do not look too closely.

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Should you decide to look closely, you will notice many barely covered cracks in the building. Sometimes your statistics gains do not match your choices. Sometimes the text slips and addresses you as Mister when you are a miss. Sometimes the dialogue you choose gives unexpected results. Sometimes weird mistakes come up. Unintentional, I mean. Sometimes one would wish that the writing went a little deeper with its musings. The areas you explore often feel a little too much as seen. If you end up making some bad guesses, things may not click together very smoothly.

Despite all this, Gamedec is a pretty good time. Just be willing to forgive some of the points where your ambitions falter, and you will find an enjoyable adventure game with a unique premise and some interesting ideas. Perhaps it could have explored these ideas more deeply or in a more satisfying way, but even if it does not quite reach greatness, Gamedec is an adventure game worth checking out.

SwitchArcade Score: 3.5 / 5

Freshly Frosted ($ 9.99)

Take a decent puzzle concept, give it a sweet theme and a shiny presentation, and it’s hard to go wrong. Oh no, I wrote the important part of the review in the first sentence. I’m gonna pull it out and tease it a little, right? Jaja. Freshly frozen is a very cool little game. You make donuts, because it’s cool to make donuts. Well, you do not really make the donuts. Someone else makes them, you just build the lines to decorate them and serve them. You do not have much space to do it, and you have to hit the various decoration stations in the correct order. Things get very complicated when you have to make different types of donuts, because you can not get the lines to cross each other.

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When you boil it down to the core, Freshly frozenthe gameplay is not that different from PathPix and such games. It’s about connecting lines within a limited space, but the presentation helps it feel like something more. It’s a very cozy game, and although the puzzles become devilishly difficult, it’s all very soothing thanks to its soothing use of color and sound. You get twelve dozen stages in total, which is quite a large number. If you get stuck on any of them and you probably want to do it now and then, you can get hints or even skip the puzzle. Challenging, but no pressure.

If you like logical puzzles and do not mind the fact that you are likely to feel hungry after playing, Freshly frozen is a fantastic game. It’s easy to pick up, increases the difficulty level perfectly, offers tons of puzzles to test your skills, and has a fantastic sense of style. It is a simple recommendation for anyone looking for something to tease the brain with.

SwitchArcade Score: 4.5 / 5

New releases

Yurukill: The Calumniation Games ($ 39.99)

Well, here’s a new one for you. It’s a visual romance game mixed with a shoot-em-up. The story comes with the permission of Homura Kawamoto, best known for the manga Kakegurui – compulsive old. Meanwhile, the shoot-em-up sections have been handled by the experienced hands of G.rev, whose previous work includes Senko no Ronde, Border Downand Under defeat. You are wrongly accused of a crime and end up in Yurukill Land, a twisted amusement park filled with killer attractions. Your only chance for freedom is to survive this deadly place. Despite the fact that some dedicated shooters lack them, this game actually has online point charts for the shoot-em-up parts. I will review this soon.

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(North American eShop, US prices)

Not much to notice today, it seems. Curious Expedition 2 and some of its DLC is on sale, and you might want to consider it if you like quirky roguelites or simulation games. In the outbox, Ender Lilies and a number of Kairosoft games are ending their latest discounts. Fans of adventure games will also want to grab Unconfirmed if they have not already done so. That’s very good.

Select New games on sale

Twin Blades of the Three Kingdoms ($ 11.99 from $ 14.99 to 7/12)
Curious Expedition 2 ($ 11.99 from $ 19.99 to 18/7)
If not! More ($ 7.49 from $ 14.99 to 18/7)
Alpaca Ball: Allstars ($ 11.99 from $ 19.99 to 18/7)
Rattyvity Lab ($ 1.99 from $ 2.49 to 21/7)
FUZE4 Nintendo Switch ($ 9.99 from $ 19.99 to 25/7)

The sale ends tomorrow, Wednesday 6 July

The history of the basketball club ($ 8.40 from $ 14.00 to 7/6)
Beastie Bay DX ($ 8.40 from $ 14.00 to 7/6)
Dream House Days DX ($ 8.40 from $ 14.00 to 7/6)
Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights ($ 17.49 from $ 24.99 to 7/6)
Hampuzz ($ 4.89 from $ 6.99 to 7/6)
Jade order ($ 4.19 from $ 6.99 to 7/6)
Mega Mall Story ($ 7.00 from $ 14.00 to 7/6)
Mega Mall Story 2 ($ 8.40 from $ 14.00 to 7/6)
Primordia ($ 11.24 from $ 14.99 to 7/6)
Unconfirmed ($ 11.24 from $ 14.99 to 7/6)
Venture Towns ($ 7.00 from $ 14.00 to 7/6)

That was all for today, friends. We’re back tomorrow with regular Wednesday business. Some new games, some new sales, and maybe some news if luck serves us. Personally, I just sit on my hands and wait Klonoa to get out. Only two days left! I hope you all have a great Tuesday, and as always, thank you for reading!

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