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Rega Elicit MK5 Review | Which Hi-Fi?

Rega Elicit MK5 Review |  Which Hi-Fi?

Say the name Rega, and it’s the company’s long-standing selection of Planar turntables that comes to mind. These turntables have been a dominant force in the market for decades than we care to remember and show no sign of giving up. Still, look past the all-conquering vinyl spinners and you will find that the British brand has constantly made a range of amplifiers that are almost as talented for almost as long.

The new Elicit MK5 being tested is one step down from the award-winning Aethos (£ 3300 / $ 5395 / AU $ 6999) integrated and marks a surprising change of direction for the company’s amplifier design.

Build and features

Integrated amplifier: Rega Elicit Mk5

(Photo credit: Future)

Rega products tend to be quite purist issues that prioritize performance and solid construction above all else. They rarely excel on the function front, but that seems to have changed with the Elicit MK5, as it now includes digital inputs along with the usual analog connections. This is something of a seismic shift for the company and a welcome one as many rivals have long gone that route.

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