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Positive Grid Spark Mini review

Positive Grid Spark Mini review

Guitarists are now quite spoiled for choice when it comes to quality practice amps. The dank and limited days of the Gorilla combo are long gone, replaced by a feast of amp and effect choices in increasingly compact dimensions.

With a glance

PRICE: $199 / £182

TYPE: Digital modeling combination with internal rechargeable battery

OUTPUT: 10 watts

SPEAKERS: 2×2” active stereo with passive radiator

EFFECTS ON BOARD: 33 Amp models (additional available for purchase via Jimi Hendrix add-on), 48 effects

WEIGHT: 1.36 kg

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However, Positive Grid’s feature proposal for the Spark Mini stands out: a very small 10-watt modeling amp that runs on an internal 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

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