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“Phasers On Stun!” Takes a big picture of the Star Trek franchise and does it justice –

“Phasers On Stun!”  Takes a big picture of the Star Trek franchise and does it justice –

Phasers at Stun!
Written by Ryan Britt
Published by Plume

Phasers On Stun! is an entertaining read with a mix of both the old and the new, much like Star Trek itself. Author and journalist Ryan Britt had a difficult task: He looked at the franchise as a whole, from its origins to The original series to the Kelvin films and the ongoing series in production. This is a rather difficult proposal, trying to cover the franchise in a way that will work for both longtime fans who have already permeated production theory and beginners who want to get a broader perspective on the entire Star Trek universe. And this is where Britt excels with her clever balance of zoomed details, a great image view and an understanding that even first-person reports are not always the same when it comes to accuracy. He is also a big fan with a sense of humor about the universe he loves so much.

The book spends most of its time creating The original series, which may be its fault; it is definitely the program that already has the most chronicled story, and it is the subsequent series and all the movies where oldschool fans want a deeper dive. But Britt’s writing is sharp, consistent and clever, and he manages to tell famous stories quickly enough to avoid boring the old pros, sprinkling on details that help round out famous history and sometimes provide something new.

Most of all, the book is not just a chronicle of Star Trek’s history. It stands out as an analysis of the importance of Star Trek and of the progress it has made. There’s a whole chapter on its final acceptance of LGBTQ + characters and stories – more on some of the bugs would be welcome here – and nice dives into other topics like Janeway’s break into the boys’ club, the reworking of Saavik, the emergence of new shows, and the shift after the Kelvin films, all of which benefit from Britt’s research and many original interviews he has done with the cast and creative as a journalist.

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This book is a great read for Star Trek beginners, confused friends and relatives of Star Trek fans, actors and creatives working on the new shows that are new to the franchise, and yes, even us big fans, who will enjoy a well-written exploration of what binds all the iterations of Star Trek together.

Available now

Phasers at Stun! How the creation (and innovation) of Star Trek changed the world was released on May 31st. It is now available on Amazon in hardcover for $ 24.49, or the Kindle ebook for $ 15.18. It is also available as an audiobook on Audible.

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