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Patriot Viper Venom RGB DDR5-6200 C40 Review: Stealthy Stinger

Patriot Viper Venom RGB DDR5-6200 C40 Review: Stealthy Stinger

Patriot’s Viper Venom DDR5 kit comes with DDR5-6200 CL40 speeds and an option for a bright RGB exterior, vying for a spot on our best RAM list. Patriot may seem a little late to the DDR5 party, but some brands took a little more time to develop and are therefore launching their first DDR5 memory kits on the market. Of course, that’s not a big deal since DDR5 is here to stay, and it still has a premium. Patriot in particular has chosen to expand the brand’s prominent Viper series with the new Venom DDR5 series, which the manufacturer offers in RGB and black variants. Viper Venom DDR5 has kit capacities from 16GB (2x8GB) to 32GB (2x16GB) and data speeds ranging from DDR5-5200 to DDR5-6200.

The Viper Venom DDR5 memory modules feature a two-tone exterior with a primary matte black design complemented by brushed aluminium. In addition, Patriot has tactically placed its red Viper logos in different parts of the heat spreader to be visible to spectators from all directions. Overall, the memory modules look pretty cool without being too high. On the other hand, they measure 43 mm (1.69 inches), so they don’t exactly fall into the low-profile category either.

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