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Nintendo Switch OLED model review: The one to beat

Nintendo Switch OLED model review: The one to beat


  • New OLED screen makes portable gaming amazing
  • Produces true black
  • Upgraded rear support
  • Ethernet port built in for docking


  • No noticeable differences from the previous model in TV mode
  • Does not include instructions on how to set up

The Nintendo Switch OLED model has a much-needed upgrade to its screen, but the other features it offers don’t necessarily put it too much further ahead of previous previous generations of Switch – at least for a casual gamer. For avid Nintendo Switch gamers, this device includes storage, display and support upgrades that make it a great buy.

This model currently retails for $350 at most retailers – $50 more than the previous version. The Nintendo Switch OLED model was named the best gaming console for families in our top list of best gaming consoles, but is the product really worth it for a more serious gamer? Well, that’s what I wanted to find out and I was quite impressed with this console.


Here’s how the Nintendo Switch OLED model compares to the previous model.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch

Dimensions (with Joy-Cons)

4.02 x 9.53 x 0.55 inches

4.02 x 9.41 x 0.55 inches

Screen size

7-inch OLED

6.2-inch LCD

Screen resolution

1080p (TV), 720p (Handheld)

1080p (TV), 720p (Handheld)


64 GB

32 GB


Customized Nvidia Tegra X1

Customized Nvidia Tegra X1

Looking at these specs, you can see that there are only two main differences that separate this console from the previous generation, the storage and the display. That said, this isn’t a next-gen console to compete with Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. This is simply an upgraded version of the previous Switch console.

What’s in the box?

Inside the bright red box are even brighter components. You see the two Joy-Cons at once with the screen at the same level. Located below the most important parts are the AC adapter, HDMI cable, charging dock, Joy-Con wrist straps and the controller.

The lack of instructions or paper documents in the box was quite different from what I am used to. Would I have used the instructions? Probably not. But having them in the box for people who are not tech savvy would be nice.


The design of this device is largely identical to what we’ve seen before; but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Nintendo Switch remains consistent with what it is meant to be – a console made for everyone. This product reminds me of an old PSP, or a modern DS.

Let’s talk about the biggest thing this console offers. The new 7-inch OLED screen is incredible. One big thing most monitors can’t do is produce true blacks. This screen can produce a perfect black while generating higher contrast and more vivid colors than the older LCD screen. The only downside to the display is the fact that it still can’t reach 1080p unless it’s in TV mode. Nevertheless, the graphics are incredibly clear.

On the device itself, you’ll notice a power button along with volume control and the game card slot. On the sides of the console, you have the slots for the two Joy-Cons that detach with just the push of a button, literally. The device looks elegant, the design of this console is so unique and that is what makes it stand out in the world of next generation consoles.

1296 x 729-6


The stand on the back of the console goes from one end of the screen to the next; this is a more advanced stand than what we saw with the old version of the Switch. Along with the fact that it extends from one end to the other, you can place the support at almost any angle. The impressive new stand makes the tabletop even better.

Although the red and blue neon colors have become the most popular colors among Switch consoles, the OLED model is available in the neon color version as well as a new black and white version. The new color has a white charging dock – different from the black dock the Switch usually has.

As for sound, this model has two speakers located at the bottom of the 7-inch OLED screen that produce volume and better quality sound than the previous ones. While testing the product, I never got the volume up above half, but I cranked it up to test it and was blown away.


After a couple of days with this console, I could understand the hype behind the Nintendo Switch. There are so many games available on the Nintendo eShop, but the strength of the game library is lacking compared to Playstation and Xbox. While single player games are plentiful, I had the most fun playing games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros. Ultimateand Mario Party Superstars with friends.

After playing a selection of games on the Switch, I noticed a trend of impressive gameplay with no glitches or lag. On older generation handheld consoles, loading speeds and frame rates were major drawbacks. On this console I never experience frame drops or incredibly long loading speeds. With many of the popular games on the Switch being multiplayer, long loading screens would kill quite a bit of time.

I played it in all three modes it offers: Handheld, TV Mode, and Tabletop. Right off the bat, I loved playing in handheld mode because I got the most satisfaction out of the advanced display. Additionally, this provided the most comfortable gaming experience for me because the controller felt better in my hands and I was able to do it almost anywhere.

But the mode I played the Switch in depended on who I was with and where I was. When I have people over playing, I put it in the dock and play it on the TV. When I was alone, I usually just used it as a handheld.

While the stand offers versatility when it comes to Switch gaming, I never needed to use it. I tried it and it was a good experience. The larger screen helps when you’re playing on a tabletop because you can see more, but if you’re playing alone with the kickstand, you might as well just play it handheld.

The bottom line

There are so many things to consider when buying a Switch since each model adds something different. If you’re planning to buy a Switch and haven’t owned one before, this is the product for you. However, if you’re looking to upgrade from an older generation Switch console, the upgrade isn’t worth it unless you plan to use it in handheld mode, as the resolution while docked is exactly the same as before.

This product is not a game changer in the portable gaming realm, but it is the best portable console on the market. Although it’s $50 more than the previous Switch, this Nintendo Switch OLED model is worth every penny.

Alternatives to consider

As I mentioned a lot throughout the review, the OLED model of the Switch isn’t that much different aside from the storage and display specs. If you’re mainly going to play with your console connected to your TV, you can save your money and buy this version of the Switch.

If you love the idea of ​​gaming on a Switch and don’t care about gaming on your TV, this Nintendo Switch Lite is perfect. Although it can’t play on TV, this handheld console is capable of everything the regular Switch is capable of. At just $200, this device is an absolute steal.

Steam Deck is the closest competitor to the latest edition of the Nintendo Switch. This device is practically a gaming PC inside a handheld console. With advanced specifications, this device is incredible for serious gamers. While it’s completely different from a Switch in terms of no detachable Joy-Cons and game compatibility, this is an incredible device, but hard to come by.

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