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Netflix’s Incantation Review – A famous horror movie that has been found

Netflix’s Incantation Review – A famous horror movie that has been found

Despite the misleading format, found footage is not easy to obtain efficiently. Horror fans have become familiar with the tricks and tricks, making it harder to stand out or deliver powerful scares. Director Kevin Ko attempts to revive the found fear of admission with Enchantment, a cult horror meets cursed video storytelling. However, a unique approach to found recording techniques can not raise a known supernatural setup or scare fully.

Li Ronan (Tsai Hsuan-yen) working to adopt his biological daughter Dodo (Huang Sin-ting) after an illness forced her to relinquish parental rights years ago. While Ronan’s life was legally sentenced to mental illness, life turned upside down six years ago when he was hit by a curse for intrusion into a forbidden area. Shortly after regaining care for Dodo, however, the curse returns, this time directed at the toddler with rage. Ronan goes to great lengths to save her daughter, even if it means confronting the past.

Cow, working on a script written with Che-Wei Chang, alternates between past and present. The events of Ronan’s adventure into a remote territory, where a cult-like composition holds mysterious rituals and honors a strange child, become interested in her struggles in the role of mother. Enchantment‘s The biggest mystery lies in the inciting incident that caused Ronan’s problems, and it has been held back for almost the entire duration. The slow build-up to the revelation is filled with familiar images, scare tactics and tropes seen in more iconic film-horror horror. The child talking to invisible figures floating on the ceiling? Check. Amateur ghost hunters who poke their noses in places that are explicitly forbidden? Of course.

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While the relationship between Ronan and her sweet daughter gives rooting interest and emotional resonance, Ko struggles to build a bridge between the main character’s past and present. Whether Ronan’s intense desire to become a mother is rooted in guilt or love seems to be the leading question. Nevertheless, the choice to seek custody in the wake of such a violent curse, which puts Dodo in danger in the first place, is never satisfactorily addressed.

It is Ronan’s obsession with filming that bears the greatest resemblance to answers. She captures everything on camera and uses sentimentality as the standard answer to questions about her constant camera use. The continuous acquisition of footage becomes even more widespread in the action, with Ronan breaking the fourth wall innovatively. It immerses the viewer in fear on a new level. Ko, however, cannot figure out how to capture everything through Ronan’s lens, and often switches to inexplicable and conflicting third-person perspectives that confuse who is responsible for this found footage.

Netflix Incantation review

As with most similar, Netflix Enchantment saves the best moments of horror to its climax. The encouraging event makes room for some exciting, trypophobia-provoking images and sporadic bloodshed, and builds on a creative punchline for an unshakable curse.

Overall, Ko Incantation injects with a lot of pathos and clever techniques to get involved, even though it is still exposed to the pitfalls of the format. The constant and abrupt shifts between past and present ensure an uneven pace in a row, and frighteningly rarely land for those who are well versed in the subgenre. It does not help that much of the story, outside of Ronan’s motherly instincts and relationship with Dodo, feels like a patchwork of similar films. The knowledge of horror and inconsistent logical choices counteract a creative approach to the found recording format rooted in solid performances and a memorable conclusion.

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Enchantment is available on Netflix now.

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