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Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Review: Time and Again

Ms.  Marvel Episode 5 Review: Time and Again

What these reasons actually are, I can not say. We can certainly find excuses for Kamala’s partisan journey to work. Maybe it’s just a case of the mysterious Noor energy working differently, who knows? The chain of cosmic events that led to Sana’s rescue that night is quite muddy, and the show seems to be happy to leave them a mystery. Since I’ve only seen this episode once, I may have missed something. I’m sure you will let me know in the comments if I have!

When Kamala returned to today, the veil began to lift, and it was really clear that nothing good was going to happen to Earth or the Secret. Najma quickly accepted this and sacrificed her life to close the veil in the hope that she would save Kamran. Do you know, the son she dropped in a heartbeat in episode four? The storytelling here made her decision quite quick, and it is possible that Najma actually set Kamran up to become an even bigger threat later, I do not know.

It does not help that Clandestine has ultimately been weak villains who were quickly rushed into play during episode three. They were introduced to an exhibition space, turned their kindness towards Kamala for a penny, and then ploped into Karachi so we could have a brief, world-threatening moment before being brushed aside again. As much as I loved watching Kamala’s heartbreaking family story, it did not feel like we had spent enough time with Aisha and the Clandestine to really have enough impact.

Meanwhile, Red Dagger went his way, and Sana and Muneeba were brought together by Aisha’s truth. There seems to be a wrap on that! Of course, Kamala must travel back to New Jersey and deal with the cartoon-like DODC; there is no time to waste! Which is a shame.

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We then quickly joined Kamran on the run from DODC, where he managed to hide with Bruno. When Najma died, it seemed that Kamran gained his Noor power, and hopefully this will now save the couple from the attack on Circle Q, because Kamala and her mother (who now knows that Kamala is a superhero and not for nothing I would definitely like to have seen a little more of that discussion) is still stuck in Karachi. None of this really gives an exciting cliff hanger. Kamala will definitely come back and become the superhero she has developed into, Bruno will probably be fine, and Kamran will probably not be happy to find out that Najma has died, despite the fact that she left him in the last episode.

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