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Michigan customers share mixed reviews of meat butchers that were shut down

Michigan customers share mixed reviews of meat butchers that were shut down

After a truck selling meat in a parking lot in Muskegon County was shut down Tuesday, some customers were shocked, while others say it was red flagged.

NORTON SHORES, Mich. – After a meat butcher operating from a parking lot in Muskegon County was shut down Tuesday morning, customers shared mixed reviews of the business with 13 ON YOUR SIDE.

Backyard Butcher sold meat from a truck in an unlicensed parking lot over the weekend in Norton Shores.

While some customers seem shocked, another says there were definitely red flags about it.

“I’m a single mother of two children,” said Andrea Lindsey of Muskegon County. – I thought it would be a good deal.

In the parking lot across the street from The Lakes Mall in Muskegon, Lindsey says she bought steaks from Backyard Butchers. Their big deal is 20 rib-eyes for $ 40.

“I made the mistake. I will never do it again. The quality of the meat is very, very poor,” she says.

She says that some of the meat she bought was destroyed during thawing and that it was too thin. Her complaint is not the only one. The company has received 20 customer complaints through the Better Business Bureau of Central Texas. Eighteen of these were reported during the last year.

“Now, when I think about it, look at it and how much I paid, I could have gotten a lot more different groceries for my kids than I did, so that kind of bite really,” Lindsey says. “But you make mistakes and you learn.”

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The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development says the Backyard Butchers applied for the license late last month, but never received it.

Inspectors closed it on Tuesday after the business had remained open anyway.

“I probably will not do it again, but you live and you learn,” says Ed Fleese of Muskegon County.

He stopped by the truck on Father’s’ Day weekend, and he and his wife Michelle say that the meat tasted good.

“I had no problem with any of the meat or anything,” says Fleese.

“We actually ate their burgers last night and are actually very good. They are very juicy,” says Michelle.

They were both a little shocked when they heard the news, and they are relieved that they had a good experience.

“We have a family of five, three boys,” says Michelle. “So you can just imagine our grocery bill. We thought it was a good deal, and we thank God we had no problems.”

The owners of the Backyard Butchers did not respond to a request for comment, and they could risk a $ 400 fine from the state for operating without a license.

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