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Love And Thunder’s audience score dramatically exceeds critics’ reviews

Love And Thunder’s audience score dramatically exceeds critics’ reviews

Thor: Love and Thunder have found themselves in the bottom five of the worst-rated films in MCU by critics at Rotten Tomatoes with their 67%, but as predicted, the audience score has come in and they are quite a lot higher than that.

The audience score is 83%, 16% higher than the critics’ score, and quite similar to what we just saw with Doctor Stranger in Multiverse of Madness with his 74% score from critics who went up to 85% audience score.

While overall, critics and audiences score approximately create the same ranking order of MCU movies, lately it seems that the difference is increasing a bit. The biggest gap to date is between Eternals, who had MCU’s only rotten score of 47%, but the audience got 78%, a difference of 31%, and nothing else is close to that.

So while Thor: Love and Thunders 67% give the third worst MCU movie, just 1% above Thor: The Dark World, 83% audience points will put it between Ant-Man (85%) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (82% ), making it # 18 of a total of 29 MCU movies. Still in the lower half, but not third from last.

What is the problem? The main complaint from critics seems to be that there are too many jokes that work against the action, but these jokes seem to be appreciated more by the audience. Anecdotally, most of my non-critic friends who have seen the film seem to have liked it quite a bit. I probably can not see it until Monday, but then I get to have my own thoughts. Given how much I love Taika Waititi, I’m biased towards giving him plenty of leeway to do what he wants.

Thor: Love and Thunder has also put on one of MCU’s best opening weekend ticket office performances early here, which will ultimately be all Disney cares about. What is less clear is where Thor goes from here and when, if Hemsworth will remain “retired”, and if the next time the Avengers gather, it will be Jane Foster who answers the call instead. I guess that’s the idea, but it’s probably not even going to happen until Phase 5 at this rate.

As for the general trends here, I think film critics are starting to get a little tired of the Marvel formula at this point, as we’re starting to see scores in non-Spider-Man prices this phase. We will see what the next films bring.

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