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Loot Review: Maya Rudolph plays in New Apple + Comedy as a billionaire

Loot Review: Maya Rudolph plays in New Apple + Comedy as a billionaire

In one of the only times anyone has told Molly (Maya Rudolph) the hard truth in the decades since her husband (Adam Scott) became a billionaire, she’s stuck in a private jet hangar somewhere in central Oklahoma. After essentially trying to air the staff of her foundation, which she first realized existed after a very messy public divorce, to Miami for the weekend, Molly is forced to realize that she has lived in a completely different reality than 99, 9% of the rest. of the world.

“Your life is different from everyone else’s here. It’s completely frictionless! ” explains Sofia (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez), her eternally unimpressed foundation director. “Everything you want to happen happens.” Our lives are filled with friction … You can not just pack us up and move us around as if we are luggage. “

This crucial scene marks a turning point for Molly, who then commits to using the $ 87 billion she won in the divorce to perform really well. But it’s also a slightly neat encapsulation of “Loot”, Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard’s new Apple TV + comedy about Molly’s attempt to remember what life was like before her personality was buried under captivating piles of money. For as much as both the show and Rodriguez’s dull Sofia try to explain the importance of the foundation’s mission, and Molly’s bizarre life bubble, the first season of “Loot” is often a pleasant frictionless workplace comedy. But the moments when it’s not – either by pushing Molly to become more self-aware or into situations where her money is really useless – are the series’ most compelling in the long run.

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The season’s 10 half-hour episodes, three of which premiere on June 24, whiz past with only occasional roadblocks and the certainty that Molly and her billions will almost definitely do just fine. (There is also something inevitably ironic about a comedy that shows the self-centered folly of billionaires on Apple TV +, a network owned by the first company ever worth three trillion dollars, but that’s how it goes in an age of rampant capitalism.) boasting of Apple brilliance and budget (music falls alone!), “Loot” has more than a few similarities to “Parks and Recreation,” the beloved NBC sitcom about fiercely loyal government employees who counted both Yang and Hubbard among its most faithful writers .

This is not an insult; one of “Parks and Rec”‘s greatest strengths was to establish a credible core group of characters that made working with them a treat rather than a chore, and the same goes for “Loot”. In addition to Sofia, who leads the team with an iron will that only occasionally cracks (eg when she finds out that Molly’s personal chef is David Chang), there is a reliable accountant Arthur (Nat Faxon) and Molly’s sweet cousin Howard (Ron Funches). The strange couple Ainsley (Stephanie Styles) and Rhonda (Meagen Fay) are mostly there to round out the cast with weird sidebar jokes instead of the more concrete stories Arthur and Howard get, but they are just as welcome. And as Molly’s demanding assistant Nicholas, “Fire Island” writer and star Joel Kim Booster continues to build on his first summer with one of the series’ funniest and most influential appearances.

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As charming as the rest of the cast is, “Loot” would simply fall apart without anyone like Rudolph anchoring it to the ground. Four years after Yang and Hubbard’s Amazon comedy “Forever” and with two new Emmy awards in her name, Rudolph finally has his own TV car with the lead role and quickly shows why it is so late.

Even when Molly is at her most selfish, Rudolph’s innate warmth and charm make it hard to completely hate her. In fact, Rudolph is so good at giving funny tantrums that watching Molly merge becomes an unparalleled joy. (The show’s soft talk is mostly good for laughs, but Molly, who suffers from a simply hilarious “Hot Ones” interview, is worth the entrance fee alone.) Whether you play Rodriguez’s sharper energy, flirt gently with Faxon’s Arthur or Rudolph lives off Booster’s material contempt and proves she’s an expert at making every scene count. If another season decides to throw Molly even further out of her comfort zone than the first, it will at least have one of TV’s most acting actors to take her there.

“Loot” premieres with three episodes on Friday 24. June before releasing a new episode weekly on Apple TV +.

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