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Is this compact, Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled plugin a great option for your home? – KXAN Austin

Is this compact, Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled plugin a great option for your home?  – KXAN Austin

How Good Are Wemo Smart Plugs?

Millions of people have integrated smart home devices and smart appliances into their households. A popular and affordable way to do this is to use smart plugs. Wemo Smart Plugs allow you to control electrical appliances via the Wemo app or a third-party smart home device, such as an Amazon Echo.

Wemo claims that the smart plug allows you to control your home from anywhere. It is also said to be 45% smaller than the Wemo Smart Plug Mini, so it does not obstruct other sockets in an electrical outlet.

We wanted to find out if these claims hold up, so we tested the Wemo Smart Plug in the real world. Here’s what we discovered.

Tester Wemo Smart Plug

At BestReviews, we have a group of testers who try out products in their real life over a long period of time. This allows us to see how the products really work outside of laboratory conditions, and allows us to capture any peculiarities and learn what works or does not work.

For this article, our tester tried out the Wemo Smart Plug with a lamp, a piece of light art and a TV set. They had used Amazon smart plugs before, so they could compare the two.

What is Wemo Smart Plug?

Wemo Smart Plug is a device you can use to control non-smart electronics. The smart plug connects via Wi-Fi to the Wemo app or a smart home device, such as an Amazon Echo or a Google Home device.

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There are some limitations to what you can control by using this type of smart plug; it usually just turns electronics on and off. However, this control gives you the freedom to do things like turn on and off lights without getting up or allow you to turn on heaters to heat your room before you get home. We tried the Wemo Smart Plug on some lamps and a TV and managed to turn them on and off with only voice commands.

Wemo Smart Plug price and where to buy

Wemo Smart Plug

Single Wemo Smart Plugs usually cost $ 16.49, although prices may vary depending on availability. You can buy them from Amazon.

How to use Wemo Smart Plug

Start by downloading the Wemo app to your smartphone or tablet. Then connect the Wemo Smart Plug to the wall socket. Then follow the instructions on the app to connect the plug to the Wi-Fi system. This step took several attempts, and it was difficult for us to connect the plug to Wi-Fi. Not all users have this problem, but it is a fairly common complaint.

Once you have managed to connect your smart plug, it is time to connect an electronic object. You can either control it via the Wemo app or by using another smart home device. We connected ours to an Amazon Echo, which took only seconds. When the plug is connected to a smart home system, you can check it using voice commands.

Benefits of Wemo Smart Plug

Easy setup

In theory, the setup is simple. Once you have downloaded the Wemo app and connected the plugs to Wi-Fi, you can start using them right away. But in practice this did not go as well for us and it took several attempts before it connected. However, if you do not experience any Wi-Fi issues during setup, the process is quick and easy.

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Compatible with other smart home systems

Although you can use the Wemo app to control your smart plug, you have the ability to control it using an existing smart home device. Wemo Smart Plug works with Alexa and Google Assistant devices. It is also compatible with Apple HomeKit, which users control from an iPhone or iPad. This makes it more versatile and allows you to control the plug with voice commands instead of from the phone.

We tried our smart plugs with an Alexa device and were pleased with how they worked together. It was easy to pair the plugs with Alexa, and the voice controls worked well.

Does not block other outlets

Wemo Smart Plugs are smaller than some other popular smart plugs, including the Wemo Mini. This means that they do not block other sockets in outlets where sockets are stacked on top of each other. However, they are wider than most appliances, so they can block some electrical outlets in outlets where electrical outlets are located side by side.

Wemo Smart Plug cons

Problems with Wi-Fi connection

Connecting the Wemo Smart Plug to our home Wi-Fi system was not easy. We followed the instructions from the app, but it took several tries before it finally connected. While we got there in the end, it was somewhat frustrating and could be offensive to users who are not tech savvy.

May be unreliable

These smart plugs can accidentally break the connection. When they do, you will need to go through the Wi-Fi setup process again. We have not experienced this problem with any other smart plug brands we have tried before.

Should You Get Wemo Smart Plug?

Wemo Smart Plug is not the best smart plug on the market, but it works well most of the time and comes at a reasonable price. The brand claims that it is small enough not to block other sockets, which is true for stacked outlets. You can also control it from anywhere using the Wemo app. However, the Wemo app is a bit slow and buggy, so you may prefer to pair it with a smart home device. All in all, it’s not a bad product, but there are better alternatives out there.

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Consider other products

Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug

This compact smart plug does not block other sockets in an electrical outlet. It is reliable and removes the extra step of connecting a smart plug to an Amazon Echo device. However, this does not work with non-Amazon smart home systems.

Sold by Amazon

Kasa Smart Plug Mini

Kasa Smart Plug Mini

You can use this smart plug-in with Alexa and Google Home devices to control a wide range of home electronics. There is also a Kasa app that you can use to control your smart plug from anywhere.

Sold by Amazon

GE Cync indoor smart plug

GE Cync indoor smart plug

Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible, you can use this plugin with Alexa and Google Home devices. It connects directly to these smart home devices, so there is no need for a separate hub.

Sold by Amazon

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