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iLife A11 Review | Tom’s guide

iLife A11 Review |  Tom’s guide

iLife A11 review: specifications

General cleaning performance: 72.16
Score for pet hair: 58.25
Size: 13.78 inches x 13.78 inches x 3.72 inches
Mode: Vacuuming, mopping
Capacity on board garbage can: Only 0.45 liter rubbish bin / 0.3 liter rubbish bin with 0.2 liter water tank
Compatibility with smart homes: Alexa and Google Assistant

The holy grail of robot vacuum cleaners is the hybrid: A robot that vacuums and mops just as well. Enter the iLife A11, a 2-in-1 robotic vacuum cleaner that tries to do just that. The latest offering from iLife features LiDar navigation and Y-shaped mopping, which is intended to simulate a manual, human-powered mop. A11 performed well on hardwood, but did so poorly elsewhere that it had no chance of getting on our list of best robotic vacuum cleaners. Read the rest of our iLife A11 review to see where it fell.

iLife A11 Review: Price and Availability

iLife A11 was released in March 2022 and is currently available on for $ 399 with a $ 70 discount coupon. It comes with two trash cans: one for vacuuming only and one for vacuuming and mopping. The other is a combination of water tank and rubbish bin as the A11 is capable of vacuuming and drying at the same time. Also in the box is a reusable microfiber mopping pad and an extra trash can filter.

iLife A11 Review: Design

Shiny black never goes out of style with robot vacuum cleaners, does it? iLife A11 continues the trend, wearing a sleek, reflective carbon black lid, complete with ILIFE etched in silver on the raised LiDar hood.

iLife A11 in dock

(Photo credit: Tom’s guide)

A simple oval rubber button in silver can be used as a power and home button. Under the thin plastic lid is the rubbish bin and a cleaning tool on board.

iLife A11 with rubbish bin

(Photo credit: Tom’s guide)

Turn the iLife A11 over and you will see two thick rubberized wheels on each side of the brush roller and a small omni-directional wheel at the front. There is also a three-spoke brush that helps to collect debris right in front of the right wheel. The brush roller is an alternating mixture of rubber fins and bristles to help guide debris into the vacuum cleaner’s esophagus.

The underside of the iLife A11

(Photo credit: Tom’s guide)

Once inserted in the 2-in-1 trash can, the iLife A11 is able to vacuum and dry at once, or handle each task separately. Before moping, attach the removable microfiber pad to the mopboard on the back of the A11. The pillow is fastened with velcro and is easy to remove for drying. Unlike iRobot and Roborock, iLife does not offer a branded cleaning solution. In fact, the company does not recommend using any cleaning solution other than water.

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iLife A11 with mop mount

(Photo credit: Tom’s guide)

When I looked at the iLife A11, I had a feeling of deja vu. It is the same unit body and base as both the Wyze Robot Vacuum and the Proscenic M6 Pro. While the M6 ​​Pro uses a different color scheme, the A11 and Wyze are almost identical, except for the difference in logos and the A11’s mopping addition – the A11 shares that feature with the M6 ​​Pro.

iLife A11 Review: Vacuum Cleaner Performance

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