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GymShark Ab Roller Review | Live Science

GymShark Ab Roller Review |  Live Science

GymShark Ab Roller may not be sophisticated, but it will definitely put your rig through the twist. GymShark has designed this ab-wheel with a thin tread that provides enough instability to challenge the core control of even the most advanced training enthusiasts.

This model is among the best ab-roller options for building stomach strength because it refuses to provide any assistance when rolling back – and leaves all the hard work to you. You may be wondering – why are core muscles important? (opens in new tab)? Our core consists of a complex network of muscles that help to stabilize and balance the body, so it is crucial to work through different movement plans to target and strengthen as many of them as possible.

Key details

– 7 inches / 18 cm diameter

– Inner wheels: 100% polypropylene.

– Outer wheels: 100% thermoplastic rubber.

– Handle cover: 100% nitrile butadiene rubber.

– Bar: 100% stainless steel

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