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GFL received mixed reviews from Fort Wayne residents after week one of service

GFL received mixed reviews from Fort Wayne residents after week one of service

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Waynes NBC) – They say you never get another chance to make a first impression, and for the GFL community, their first impression has been mixed.

For George Kariger, he says that half of his block are some of those that were missed last Friday on the southwest side of Fort Wayne. On the first day of service to the GFL, no less.

“We did not see any GFL trucks until around 4:30 or 5 in the neighborhood, and around 6 or 6:30 I noticed that across the street had been picked up, but we had not been picked up. We were never picked up. They missed about 10 houses on our side of the street, Kariger said.

Unimpressed with day one of the service, Kariger says he submitted a 311 request, but due to the holiday weekend, the GFL did not arrive until the following Tuesday.

Did you miss the rubbish? Submit a request for Fort Wayne’s 311

Fort Wayne officials say they averaged 75 reports a day of missing trash and recycling in the first week. On the city’s 311 website, they have reported 85 unresolved errors between 1 and 5 July.

With around 25,000 homes served per day, they have picked up over 99 percent of the homes against 80 percent Red River eventually fell, according to the city.

So far, Jacob Diliberto, general manager of GFL Fort Wayne, is pleased with the team’s efforts, saying: “The fundraising rate of 99.9% is a very high level of success with the short timetable, with the complication of these routes. So on a macro side, no matter what kind of accident has happened in Fort Wayne, it has actually been significantly less than in other municipalities where it is the first time someone is going to that city. So I think it’s a very, very strong start. “

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Matt Gratz with the Solid Waste Department in Fort Wayne says part of the problem is that they had to offer the job so quickly that GFL drivers have not had enough time to learn their routes.

“Usually, when we tender a contract of this size, the contractor will have eight months to a year to prepare and get ready to go out and find the narrow alleys and get everything taken care of in the beginning,” in Gratz. “But with such a short lead time, they kind of have to learn a little bit on the go.”

From Bruce Chwalek’s perspective, the GFL has gone beyond week one. As he cycled through the neighborhood on the north side, he saw that some of the streets were under water yesterday, and it was the neighborhood’s pickup day.

“The next thing I know, I see the GFL truck coming. I see a couple of residents out there on the sidewalk wondering if this guy is going to stop at this deep water and all? And he did not, he just continued, but when he got to the other side of the pond area, he stopped, he went back, and you know it was very humid and everything, and I thought, wow, this guy goes over and over . Then he had to drive them about 300 feet or so, back to his truck to dump them. ” Chwalek explained.

Most of the people we spoke to have been frustrated, but are quite understanding of the miss since it’s only the first week, including Kariger, who has not lost faith in the GFL yet, saying “We will do it tomorrow, if they come. I suspect they will do a good job. “

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