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Gering school board undergoes principal evaluation, prepares for next school year | education

Gering school board undergoes principal evaluation, prepares for next school year |  education

The Gering Public Schools Board of Education conducted its second evaluation of Superintendent Nicole Regan at its board meeting on Monday, June 20th.

Board President BJ Peters told the Star-Herald that the board discussed Regan’s evaluation in general terms before voting to approve it.

“According to the statutes, new superintendents are required to be evaluated twice during their first year of service,” Peters said.

The board conducted the initial evaluation six months from Regan’s appointment date and then on Monday. From this point on, the board will conduct an annual review.

Vice President Brian Copsey said the board uses a Nebraska Association of School Boards (NASB) tool in which board members and the superintendent fill out an online questionnaire, which is then put together into a report for the board to compare how the superintendent evaluates himself compared to the board. members.

“It’s called the NASB 360 evaluation tool, so the superintendent does a self-evaluation,” Copsey said. “It’s usually on a five-point scale and it’s on a range of topics. They group it as curriculum, politics, community involvement, and then there’s room for comment.”

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The evaluation tool looks at eight different categories that include budget, policy, mission / vision, educational management, organizational management, community relations, professional leadership and board and superintendent relations.

Peters said the board “is pleased to recognize the growing opportunities for students and increased financial sustainability this year under Dr. Regan’s leadership.”

Copsey said Regan’s review was one of the best reviews he remembers.

The board did not go into a closed section to address areas of concern as the evaluation was positive.

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“We are able to see how they look at themselves in certain areas, and if they see areas they need to grow in, we need to help give them support, whether it is training, leadership, mentorship or politics or control, “said Copsey.

A common area for growth that has been identified is regulatory issues, Copsey said.

“There is always an area where we see potential growth,” he said. “We want to be more involved in law issues and time away from the district on a trip to Lincoln. Fortunately, the last superintendents we’ve had in the GNSA (Greater Nebraska Schools Association) Legislative Group are taking these trips to Lincoln.”

The board likes to review the superintendent’s evaluation in June in advance of the board retreat where they identify priorities for the coming school year. The board met Thursday for a retreat at Wildcat Hills, where they heard a presentation from Steve Joel, a former Lincoln administrator who has helped facilitate discussion among the board about direction and priorities for the district in recent years.

“The board is able to have some open discussions and strategic planning about things we want to focus on this year and point them down to three or four action plan points,” Copsey said. “He’s a good facilitator to do this.”

Although the board did nothing on Thursday, these discussion points will be presented during the board meeting in July.

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