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EVGA Z690 Dark KingPin review: Overclocking-focused flagship

EVGA Z690 Dark KingPin review: Overclocking-focused flagship

Like it or not – and apparently only motherboard manufacturers like it – flagship cards these days often move up to or even above the $ 1000 mark, all in search of the best features and performance. The EVGA Z690 Dark Kingpin (officially stylized K | NGP | N) came on the shelves priced at $ 849.99 and is currently a more affordable $ 699.99. Among flagship mobos, that price is relatively reasonable when competitors cost between $ 900 and $ 1200. The Z690 Dark has an updated look that carries over EVGA’s signature black styling, robust power supply, horizontal connectors and a unique socket orientation that sets it apart from other boards.

In terms of performance, Dark Kingpin topped the charts as one of the fastest boards in our multi-threaded tests, making almost a clean sweep as the best-performing board in our Procyon Office tests. Single-threaded parts of our tests did not go as well, but the board was still average over most of these tests. Game performance was also above average. Overall, this is a good performance tray out of the box, especially when pushed with heavy multi-wire loads.

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