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Everything Dyson mentions: Vacuum cleaners, hair care tools and air purifiers

Everything Dyson mentions: Vacuum cleaners, hair care tools and air purifiers

A summary of our favorite and least-favorite Dyson products

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Oh, James Dyson. You very smart and wealthy man. Dyson, who founded his named company in 1991, started by disrupting the vacuum industry in a big splashing way and has since done the same with other categories such as hair care, air purification and lighting.

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Dyson (the company, not the man, from now on) now employs more than 13,000 people, generates billions in annual revenue and is a bit of a status symbol. Dyson vacuum cleaners have even made it into dating app profiles; competing daters who show that they have a fancy cleaning device. (And therefore ready for a relationship? Who knows.)

Dyson is known for its innovation that comes with a luxury price tag. Most of their products are more expensive than other products in their respective categories. But Dyson has fantastic customer service and the products seem to work very well. Some are beauty works worth the reward, and others may be worth giving past, for now. It all depends on what you are looking for.

We’ve had the chance to review quite a few of Dyson’s products. Here is a summary of Dyson reviews to help you decide if it’s worth it.

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V11 in large size

Dyson Outsize + vacuum cleaner
Dyson Outsize + vacuum cleaner. Photo by Dyson

Summary: V11 is a fantastic wireless beast, ready to take on big busy homes. The vacuum cleaner comes with a large 1.9 L container (150 percent larger than the V15 Detect Total Clean, reviewed below), an extra battery and charger, and the very exciting laser head mount. It is a bit heavier than other models, so it is the most important thing to consider (other than the price).

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Cost: $ 1,249.99
Where to buy:

Read the full review: Dyson V11 Outsize review: 30 days of vacuum testing

V15 Detect Total Clean

Dyson V15 Detect Total Clean vacuum
Dyson V15 Detect Total Clean vacuum. Photo by Dyson

Summary: We were not ready for V15 Total Clean. It was the first model to introduce the laser head (now) available as a separate attachment and is compatible with existing models), which illuminates unseen dust and dirt and made us feel dubious about our previous cleaning routine. V15 also introduced the dirt counter. The screen shows how much dirt it vacuums, as a self-congratulatory scoreboard. The only feedback for this model is that the continued Dysons on / off trigger. It was not until the next wireless model that Dyson introduced the long-awaited power button.

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Cost: $ 999.99
Where to buy: (when in stock)

Read the full review: Dyson just launched a vacuum with a laser, we tried it and we are overwhelmed

V12 Detect Slim Total Clean

V12 Detect Slim vacuum
V12 Detect Slim vacuum Photo by Randi Mann

Summary: V12 is quite close to V15 with a few differences. V12 is smaller and comes with a button. If you are looking for a slimmer vacuum cleaner, the V12 may be a good option. The V12 is easy to store and has the fantastic on / off button. The only consideration for the V12 is the size. If you want to vacuum a very large space, you may need to empty the 0.35 L container more often.

Cost: $ 849.99
Where to buy:

Read the full review: Dyson did it again – a laser vacuum cleaner, but with a twist


Corrale straighteners

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Corrale straighteners.
Corrale straighteners. Photo by Dyson

Summary: There are a few major differences between Dyson’s straighteners and other straighteners. We are not sure if they are worth the difference in prices (compared to the very efficient ones) $ 119.99 BaBylissPRO Nanobut Corrale is really trying to reduce hair damage.

You can not avoid damage when you apply 410F heat directly to your hair. But Corrale measures heat 100 times a second, so you know at least that the temperature of the screen is accurate. Dyson’s straighteners also have flexible plates that help tame your hair the first time around so you do not apply heat over and over again.

Another difference is that Corrale is wireless. You can use the hair tool anywhere, but you only have about 20 to 25 minutes of battery life on a full charge. You can also use Corrale with cord for long-term use.

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Cost: $ 649.99
Where to buy:

Read the full review: Dyson Corrale Review: What really sets it apart from other straighteners?


Airwrap next generation

Summary: Airwrap is interesting. A 10/10 idea and a 7.9 / 10 execution. The idea is to style your hair with less heat. Right? A perfect concept. But learning how to use the hair tool takes some time. After using it for a few months, it starts to pay off, in terms of hair health and effect. Airwrap creates beach-like curls and can prime the hair for straightening. It is now in its second iteration, which is a significant upgrade from the first version. (If you’re interested, read the first Airwap reviewbut the updated model is the only one available.)

Cost: $ 749.99
Where to buy:

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Read the full review: Dyson Airwrap Next Generation Review – The Updated Hair Styling Tool is Easier to Use

Supersonic hair dryer

Dyson Supersonic
Dyson Supersonic Photo by Dyson

Summary: Supersonic was Dyson’s first step into the world of hair care, and it did with the hair drying whole what the vacuum cleaner did with the cleaning industry. Supersonic redefined the airflow to a hair dryer, effectively drying the hair in less time with less damage. The futuristic looking hair tool comes with amazing attachments that are easily attached with a magnet. The main consideration is the ergonomics of the handle. Supersonics handles are straight, while other hair dryers have a curve.

Cost: $ 549.99
Where to buy:

Read the full review: Dyson launches new attachment that tames these flyaways

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Purifier Humidify + Cool

Dyson Purifier Humidify + Cool Formaldehyde
Purifier Humidify + Cool Formaldehyde. Photo by Dyson

Summary: Dyson air purifiers are popular because they work and look good while doing so. Purifier Humidify + Cool is an effective air purifier, but not necessarily a cooling machine for large rooms. You can keep track of the air filtration through an app or a display on the machine. A remote control for easy use is also included.

Cost: $ 1,149.99
Where to buy:

Read the full review: Do air purifiers work? Everything you need to know according to experts

zone (not available yet)

Dyson launches its first portable technology, the Dyson Zone.
Dyson launches its first portable technology, the Dyson Zone. Photo by MATT ALEXANDER / PA WIRE

Summary: The Zone, which is expected to be launched in the autumn of 2022, is a portable air filtration unit. The zone somehow looks like it is from the future and the past. The device comes with headphones that can play music and the filtration part wraps around the mouth and nose. Between pollution and recent viral pandemics, the zone can be quite popular when it launches

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Read the news article: Dyson launches its first portable technology and it looks futuristic


Lightcycle Morph

Dyson Lightcycle Morph Floor.
Dyson Lightcycle Morph Floor. Photo by Dyson

Summary: We did not have the chance to review Lightcycle, but we played with one during an interview with a Dyson engineer. The lamp changes the light temperature and brightness according to your specific needs: age, task, mood and time of day. The reviews are mixed on Dyson’s website. Most people love the intelligent light that adapts to the user, but others think it is overconstructed.

Cost: $ 1,199.99
Where to buy:

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