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DoorDash launches new features in the app, including written reviews, product reviews and more – TechCrunch

DoorDash launches new features in the app, including written reviews, product reviews and more – TechCrunch

DoorDash announced today that they are launching a number of new features to give users more ways to discover popular restaurants near them. Most notably, the company launches written reviews in the app to let users read other customers’ thoughts about specific restaurants or share their own. DoorDash says that written reviews in the app will allow customers to save time when looking for feedback from other users because they no longer have to switch between multiple apps when looking for restaurant reviews.

The company also notes that the new written reviews will be beneficial for salespeople on their app, as they will now be able to access direct feedback from their customers. DoorDash began piloting this feature in November 2021, and has received more than 7 million public reviews since then.

DoorDash has also created a new “most liked” tag to showcase top-rated foods that customers often like. After completing an order on the app, customers can rate the items they received by tapping a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” icon. A restaurant’s three items with the highest number of “thumbs up” ratings will appear on the menu with a “most liked” tag. DoorDash says that since the pilot of this feature, it has seen users submit more than 2.5 million product reviews per week.

In addition, the app rolls out Top 10 lists to make it easier for users to see top-rated restaurants nearby. The lists will utilize the company’s real-time data from consumer reviews and order volume to bring out the best-ranked restaurants.

DoorDash top 10 lists

Photo credit: DoorDash

Finally, users will now also be able to find top-rated and reliable restaurants that are known for making sure orders are correct and on time with DoorDash’s new Most Loved All Stars carousel and banner in the app.

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“We are always thinking about how we can make the shopping experience even more frictionless and relevant to our customers,” said Helena Seo, Design Manager at DoorDash, in a statement. “With the launch of the Most Liked Items feature, we save consumers over 400,000 hours a year, which reduces decision fatigue when deciding what to order. We are happy for consumers to find the joy of discovering new restaurants and dishes, reliable and loved by the locals. ”

Today’s announcement comes as DoorDash has refined the platform and added new options for consumers in recent months. Recently, DoorDash introduced a new student subscription plan called “DashPass for Students” that costs $ 4.99 per month, which is half the price of a standard monthly DashPass subscription. The company has also confirmed that it is testing a new feature called “Return a Package” that allows customers to use the service to return packages to the nearest post office, UPS or FedEx location.

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