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DISCLAIMER Single Reviews: Thompson Square brings romance to the latest single

DISCLAIMER Single Reviews: Thompson Square brings romance to the latest single

Thompson Square. Photo: Ford Fairchild

Why does hip hop have to invade all music genres?

The style is ubiquitous in R&B, pop and even Latin, and it certainly has its entertainment area. You can find it in today’s new “country” tracks by Brantley Gilbert & Jelly Roll, by Filmore & Pitbull and by Ya ‘Boyz.

Keeping up the more melodic and romantic side of things this week are The Kentucky Gentlemen, Cody Belew and our Disc of the Day winners, Thompson Square.

KYLIE MORGAN / “If he wanted to he would”
Authors: Kylie Morgan / Zandi Holup / Ben Johnson; Producers: Shane McAnally / Ben Johnson; Label: EMI
– A smooth R&B backbeat with a cheeky vocal attitude and some cool stacked harmonies. Girl, stop wanting a guy who is indifferent to you. Stop lying to yourself.

LITTLE STORBY / “All summer”
Authors: Karen Fairchild / Sarah Buxton / Madi Diaz / Ashley Ray / Savana Santos / Alysa Vanderheym; Producers: Little Big Town / Alysa Vanderheym; Label: Capitol
– It’s a bit wordy, but the track is neat and new.

BRANLEY GILBERT & JELLY ROLL / “Son of the Dirty South”
Authors: Brantley Gilbert / Jelly Roll / Andrew Baylis; Producers: Andrew Baylis / DJ Chill; Label: Stoney Creek / BMG
– Pretty disgusting all the way around. Hick hop mixed with hard rock guitars. The in-your-face lyrics merge “f” bombs with drinkin, “smokin”, tattooed right-wing “patriotism”. Did I mention weapons and threats of violence?

LUKE BRYAN / «Country On»
Authors: David Frasier / Styles Haury / Mark Nesler / Mitch Oglesby; Producers: Jeff Stevens / Jody Stevens; Label: Capitol
– Hi you farmer, truck driver, cowboy, bartender, firefighter, policeman, soldier and musician, keep that country because it is the patriotic thing to do. What?

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THOMPSON SQUARE / “Nothing More Beautiful”
Authors: Keifer Thompson / Vicky McGehee / Stephen Wilson Jr .; Producers: Mickey Jack Cones / Derek George; Label: Quartz Hill
– Fainting romantic. The gentle ballad wraps around your arms, whispers in your ear and caresses your spirit. Their beautiful song is supported by some eloquent guitar passages and sigh strings. The sound of peace and love.

Authors: Tyler Filmore / Sam Bergeson / Geoff Warburton / Dallas Wilson / Armando Christian Perez; Producers: Sam Berguson / Zach Abend; Brand: Sidewalk edge
– Loud and busy sounds.

CODY BELEW / “Rodeo”
Authors: Cody Belew / Autumn McEntire; Producer: Dustin Ransom; Brand: Visionary Media Group
– The complaining performance compares a rocky romantic relationship with a rodeo trip. The heartache vocals are spot-on and the gentle track is perfectly understated. Worth your spins.

BILLY DEAN & PAUL OVESTREET / “The Rest of It’s Mine”
Authors: Billy Dean / Paul Overstreet; Manufacturer: Brent Rader; Label: BFD / Audium
– Bouncy and sunny, it is a hymn with Buffett taste for seniors everywhere. The kids are adults, so let’s go to Florida, buy a boat and live. Very engaging.

Authors: Brandon Campbell / Derek Campbell / Mary Kutter / Andrew Capra; Producer: Andrew Capra; Brand: TKG
– These twins (Brandon & Derek Campbell) scored earlier with their infectious “Vibin”, “Alcohol” and “Whatever You’re Up For”. They take a trip to romance on this excursion, and invite you to love making in a production with a soft R&B track. Recommended.

Authors: Brett Eldredge / Heather Morgan / Nathan Chapman; Producer: Nathan Chapman; Label: Warner
– Atmospheric and soulful. It is not all that “land”, but it is a fascinating meditation on mental strength in the face of adversity. As usual, he sings with intense fire.

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YA ‘BOYZ / “This-A-Way”
Authors: Zach Kale / Joe Ragosta / Nick Zinnanti / Jon Nite; Producers: NCKZN / Zach Kale / Joe Ragosta; Label: MCA / Republic
– Truck, mud, drinking, babe, backwoods — you know how to do it. Just add a hick-hop track, bob your head and be mindless.

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