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D-backs Lovullo wants MLB to assess Kuhl-Varsho incident: “I’m pissed off”

D-backs Lovullo wants MLB to assess Kuhl-Varsho incident: “I’m pissed off”

PHOENIX – Arizona Diamondbacks manager Torey Lovullo is not so happy with what happened in Friday night’s 6-5 loss to the Colorado Rockies at Chase Field.

‘Yes, I’m pissed. I do not like that type of baseball, “Lovullo said after the match when asked about an incident that took place in the fifth round.

With the bases full, two outs and a 0-2 score at Rockies CJ Cron, D-backs starter Zac Gallen was one pitch away from getting out of a jam while still retaining a 4-3 lead. But an erroneous pitch from Gallen hit Cron in the wrist, which not only equalized the match to 4-4, but forced Cron to leave the match with a wrist contusion. X-rays during the game came back negative.

And in the lower half of the frame, with two outs and bases empty, Colorado starter Chad Kuhl threw the first pitch of Daulton Varsho’s fight right behind the left-handed batsman.

The inaccuracy on the court led to Lovullo coming out of the dugout and receiving an explanation from the referee team, which ended up triggering a warning for both teams.

“It seemed to me that it was clear intentions from their pitcher that became junk. I do not know if he was asked to be junk and try to throw at our hit, the first hit when he got two outs, Lovullo said. “I thought it was designed by me, and that’s my opinion. I think if you were to draw a lot of baseball people, they would say the same thing. I do not like my players being thrown at and it pissed me off, it pissed me off and I did not understand why their pitcher was not thrown out. That was my argument.

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“I felt that if they felt there was any purpose, and as soon as they gave warnings, it’s clear that they felt there was some kind of intent and that corresponds to an expulsion. We had done nothing. It was clear that Zac was relaxed. He’s meeting CJ and I hope he’s okay, he’s having a great year, but it was a tie, common sense must play out a little more clearly in this situation as far as I’m concerned.

“I want to say this, the league does a very good job of jumping in and identifying this type of situation. I hope they follow the situation closely and make the right decision.”

Rockies manager Bud Black then came out of the cabin to talk to the referees and was visibly more animated than Lovullo in the argument as he pointed in the direction of the Diamondbacks skipper from the other side of the diamond.

It’s unclear, and it may never be known what was said on the pitch, but Black may have been upset by the fact that Cron has now been hit seven times on 103 record appearances (6.79%) against D-backs pitching since he started in the Rockies. in 2021.

“I do not think any of them were intentional,” Cron told reporters after the match. “But at the same time (seven) times in a year and a half is a lot. That’s what it is. They are not afraid to get in there. “

“I’m not going to say anything that was said on the pitch,” Lovullo said. “It’s between me and everyone else, and what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch.

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“I just hope that if there are microphones on the judges – I think it’s because they have quoted me and I do not know how they quote me in any of my drafts. I know there are many field microphones, but I say some things, “I do not know how they get it, so I hope the judges have some microphones on and that they consider it very carefully. I leave it at that.”

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