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CrowPi-L Raspberry Pi laptop review

CrowPi-L Raspberry Pi laptop review

CrowPi-L: 30 second walkthrough

This is a deja-vu for Elecrow with a laptop based on the much-loved Raspberry Pi (opens in new tab) platform. What is special about this version is that it is more streamlined compared to CrowPi2 (opens in new tab) notebook, focusing on just being a basic laptop instead of an intricate development kit that includes a laptop. Elecrow succeeds in doing so, and CrowPi-L is a computer that even young children can use.

As a set, the assembly process is a breeze that only takes a few minutes to complete. The cooling system is undercurrent while the LCD resolution is at the low end. Nevertheless, CrowPi-L can function adequately as an IoT debugging PC or ARM development system, thus deviating from its original mandate to be a learning tool.

CrowPi-L: Prices and Availability

CrowPi-L laptops come in two flavors. The Basic set contains only computer and hardware accessories, while the advanced set includes the Basic set and adds a breakout card for Pis GPIOs and a starter kit box containing 22 electronic modules. Both versions can be purchased with or without a Raspberry Pi board. When purchased with the Pi, only two Pi models are available, either 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM. The CrowPi-L Basic kit without Pi costs $ 203.15 (opens in new tab) while the advanced set of 8GB Pi costs $ 360.15.

CrowPi-L Raspberry Pi laptop left side

(Photo credit: Future)

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