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Control Z Season 3 Review

Control Z Season 3 Review


The final season of Control Z does not feel like anything new, but it has enough twists and turns to maintain an audience that is excited to see the conclusion.

This review of the Control Z season 3 review is spoiler free.

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Check Z is one of those weird midrange shows that’s just exciting enough to sustain an audience until the end, but not so exciting as being remembered for a very long time afterwards. I have covered both the previous seasons a lot, and I still found out that I did some detective work at the beginning of this new (and last) season, and tried to remember who is who and what is what. In part, it’s because the story is relatively complex, with a large ensemble cast and a nest of intertwined relationships and rivalry. But it’s also because despite the huge popularity of the Mexican teen drama when it debuted during the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s just not that good.

Not that it’s bad, of course, but you can really feel that the story has run out of its way in this latest eight-episode clutch. All three seasons have followed the same essential structure: A hacker begins to harass a group of middle school students by spreading their most closely guarded secrets, so the students, but first and foremost socially introverted Holmesian amateur scout Sofia (Ana Valeria Becerril), try to get to the bottom in who is bothering them and why. What has changed over the seasons is the relationship between these characters and the underlying efforts, especially since the season 2 final so the core crew agree to cover the unintentional death of National School principal Susana.

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The third season starts 15 months later, with the students, relatively confident in the pact they entered into to never talk about their involvement in Susana’s death, on the verge of graduation and starting to think about their personal future. Sofia and Javi (Michael Ronda) are together. Raul (Yankel Stevan) tries to maintain his party-hard lifestyle despite some crippling financial problems. Gerry (Patricio Gallardo) is in a rehabilitation center for young offenders. And so on. But the resurgence of the @ _allyoursecrets_ handle from the first season throws the whole group into disarray as another stream of personal secrets threatens to be revealed, among them the circumstances surrounding Susana’s death.

So the stakes are higher, admittedly, but it’s still a feeling to have seen all this before. The characters feel it too. They are tired of being constantly harassed and have their future constantly thrown into serious danger, and you can understand the feeling as a viewer, although it is difficult to sympathize with the large number of bad decisions they constantly make. You would think that children who have always been under surveillance and had the deepest aspects of life turned into viral videos would be a little more careful, and that logical inconsistency conspires to make this outing feel a little more tired than the previous ones.

And these guys just do not have many more things going on in life, which leads to a slightly repetitive feeling, especially for Gerry, who in turn is in a setting where he has to keep sexuality close to his chest. The underplot has a decent count, but it does not shed any light on the character. I also continue to be unconvinced by Sofia’s seemingly significant deductive reasoning skills – in many ways it feels like she’s the one figuring things out because she’s the only one who can be bothered.

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Still, there’s a convoluted enough plot over these eight episodes that fans of the show – and they are definitely out there – will get fed up with. With the confirmation as a kind of ticking clock, there is a welcome feeling that this season will be the last, and it helps to amplify the drama a bit. Still, I’m glad it’s ending now, feeling like it’s gone, than at some point in the future when it had long ago jumped over the shark.

You can stream Control Z Season 3 exclusively on Netflix.

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