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Congratulations on the day Telugu movie review

Congratulations on the day Telugu movie review

Congratulations on the day Telugu movie reviewBOTTOM LINE

No happiness

1.75 / 5



Lavanya-Tripathi-Congratulations on the day-Telugu movie reviewWhat is the movie about?

There is chaos out there when Rithvik Sodhi (Vennela Kishore) adopts a law on gun change that makes firearms mandatory for the public.

In the middle of the situation, Happy (Lavanya Tripathi) attends a birthday party. The Ritz Grand is the place, and it becomes a melting pot for many characters with quirky behavior to go all weapons under unique circumstances. What ultimately happens is the film’s overall plot.


Lavanya Tripathi gets the central role of Happy. There is also a twist in the story. It gives her the opportunity to explore nuances that have not been done before. She’s game for it and goes all the way. But a poorly sketched character regrets all her hard work. You never warm up to her, first and foremost because of the writing. Still, it’s a better outing for Lavanya Tripathi than any of her ‘bigger ones’.


Ritesh Rana from Mathu Vadalara fame directs Happy Birthday. Like his debut, his second attempt is also a comedy, but the surroundings and background give it a unique taste.

The whole comedy is set on a futuristic or rather unrealistic premise. This is what gives way to surrealism and hence the ‘surrealistic comedy’ that the creators preach. What if the public gets access to firearms is the foundation on which the whole story is built.

However, the story shifts to a sparkling hotel, the Ritz, where all the action takes place. The director fills the room with several characters with crazy inventions and antics. So we have Naresh Agastya, Viva Harsha, Gundu Sudharshan and other artists doing pieces and sharing roles that come in and out of the story.

The idea of ​​having the script structured in chapters is fine. The whole thing can then be seen as extended shorts where the joining would result in the bigger picture. Again, this is an idea that is only good on paper, but that appears to be cluttered on screen.

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What hurts worse is that the chapters further belong to different genre styles. The Robbery track, The Sad App block and The Jail sequences are just one example. There are several, and everything is fused with ridiculous and exaggerated scenes. It results in an uneven narrative.

The first half appears to be acceptable as the story takes shape, and we are only introduced to the key players. The interval is fine and makes one look forward to what awaits.

Second half unfortunately does not deliver. Some fun moments aside, there is hardly anything that works. We can see that a lot of effort has been put in, but the scriptures fail it all. Too many characters do not help the case either, as the story is felt everywhere.

When you reach climax, it is exhausting. We want it all to end soon. The stylistic choices and editing make your head spin in sheer frustration or boredom.

Overall, Happy Birthday is a different attempt in the comedy genre. But it fails to provide a coherent narrative from start to finish. It ends up getting boring and scratching our heads. If you like something really out of the box, even if it’s bad, give the movie a try; otherwise stay away.

Vennela-Kishore-Congratulations on the day-Telugu movie reviewPerformances by other actors

Happy Birthday is filled with character artists. It may not be an exaggeration to say that each alternate scene has a new one emerging. It is therefore entirely in honor of Sathya and Vennela Kishore to stand out among them.

Satya, who impressed everyone with her action in the director’s previous film Mathu Vadlara, is back in business. His action is show-theft and saving grace at the same time. Vennela Kishore is an established name, and he proves here that when there is something with his role, he shines. We see that with Happy Birthday.

Viva Harsha stands out among the rest to some extent, which includes names like Gundu Sudarshan, Rahul Ramakrishna, Viva Hasha, etc. The remaining actors are okay.

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Music-director-Kaala-BhairavaMusic and other departments?

Kaala Bhaivara provides music for Happy Birthday. The songs are forgettable, but he keeps a good consistency with background scores. The sound design adds tone to the film. Suresh Sarangam’s cinematography helps to give Happy Birthday a unique look and feel. For a low budget price, it all looks pretty stylish and sleek.

Unfortunately, Happy Birthday fails in the editing departments. Karthika Sriniva’s R’s work gives the story a messy look and feel. The writing is a mixed bag, and the entertainment only partially works.


Few comedy segments
Vennel Kishore


Clumsy story
Second half

Naresh-Agastya-Congratulations on the day-Telugu movie reviewAlternative Take
Cutting down on a few characters and a small expansion of the world and exploring it further with the existing characters would have given a better respite to the proceedings and made it look less clumsy.

Did I like it?

Yes, in parts

Would you recommend it?


Congratulations on the day Telugu movie review of Mirchi9

Final report:

After an acceptable first half, Happy Birthday’s second half shows no improvement. There are random fun moments, but most of the story is patience tests, and everywhere. Only Kaala Bhairava’s BGM delivers consistently. Watch out for our review coming soon.

– Happy Birthday is on its way to a climax with some real over-the-top stuff.

– Lavanya prison scenes are sure to test the patience levels.

– Congratulations on the day the second half started. More chapters and more characters are introduced.

Report from the first half of the year:

Happy Birthday first half is quirky and crazy where comedy works in parts provided the right expectations are set.

The first half is navigable mainly due to the entertainment and a lot depends on the second half.

– After Happy and Lucky episodes, the third chapter introduces Max Pain (comedian Satya).

– Congratulations on the day started. Politician Vennela Kishore gets the Gun bill passed. People across the nation are celebrating the arms embargo. Pistol is like a candy, almost everyone carries it.

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Congratulations on the day Telugu Movie Review, US Premiere Updates Coming Soon.

Congratulations on the day Pre-Release Talk:

Congratulations on the day, release this Friday is a little movie that creates a lot of buzz. It comes from Ritesh Rana, the director of the surprisingly quirky thriller cum entertainer Mathu Vadalara in 2019.

On the surface, Happy Birthday is a comedy; However, how it is presented and promoted as a “surreal comedy” changes the whole equation. There seems to be clarity from the creators about what it (the film) will be, and it has therefore created a certain traction.

Lavanya Tripathi is considered the “star” of Happy Birthday, obviously winning a lot if successful. However, it will be Ritesh Rana and the comic book gang that will benefit the most. The director can especially make a name for himself in the niche segment.

A large banner like Mythri Movies that supports a niche movie is always a welcome trend. Success will increase the producers, Chiranjeevi (Cherry) and Hemalatha Pedamallu, to take greater risks. The same combination had previously delivered Mathu Vadalara, who is now the biggest positive sign for Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday has Vennela Kishore, Sathya, Naresh Agastya and others in crucial roles. Kaala Bhairava gives the music to the crazy entertainer.

Mirchi9, as always, you want the “First-On-Net” Happy Birthday Telugu movie review sincere and honest. See this space for our updates.

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