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Classroom Of The Elite Season 2: Episode 1 Review

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2: Episode 1 Review

The following contains spoilers for episode 1 of Classroom Of The Elite season 2, “Remember to Keep a Clear Head in Difficult Times” is now streamed on Crunchyroll.

Opening the summer 2022 anime season as one of the first titles to air is none other than the second season of Elite classroom. The show’s first season was an exciting clock, which ended at Cruise ship special test bow. But despite the toughness of the test, it seems that first-year students at Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School still have to go through another nerve-wracking phase of the Cruise Ship test.


The first episode of the season introduced a test that “tests” the trust and teamwork between the students in the various first-year classes. Since the school authorities have laid the foundation for the test, it is left to each student to act in the interest of the class to achieve the “sacred” points. But will any class go unscathed from the exhausting test?

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A nerve-wracking test

Episode 1 of Elite classroom first introduced Horikita Manabu, and discussed with his assistant the winner of the Iceland Test from the first season. Surprisingly, Manabu correctly guessed the winner: Class D. This proves that Manabu is well aware of Ayanakoji’s potential and how he can change the academy’s rankings. After the short discussion, the scene soon changes to one that shows students enjoying their time on the cruise ship. However, this does not last long as the school pulls everyone into a new test, where trust and betrayal will be crucial to win.

The test’s first jerk factor is that there are eight discrete groups, and each mixes the different members from each first-year class. In other words, class-oriented teamwork is useless in this case, creating a brewing problem that each group must face. Undoubtedly, one question each team member will need to answer internally is “How do I work with my group without jeopardizing my grade points?The test involves each member of a group guessing the identity of a VIP and sending their answers to the school via email. The test is rigged in such a way that almost every move benefits the VIP candidates. In most scenarios, VIPs will receive up to one million points.

The test seems simple, but it is not. In the test, four probable cases can arise from each trade. Members of a group can either guess the VIPs’ identity or mistakes, which come with different consequences, or the VIP hides their identity, and everyone gets to make their guesses. No rule prevents VIPs from revealing their identity, so depending on a team’s strategy, the test could be a walkover or a hell. However, an important deviating factor shakes the balance of the test. Points are awarded on a class basis, not on a group basis. Consequently, only members of a class can benefit from an action – a major divisive factor that will trigger the emergence of class factions even within groups. The main character, Ayanakoji, and other intelligent students have already figured out how the test will go, and are laying the foundation for how the test will turn out.

Team Mars Stand & Ichinose’s leadership qualities

Before the test began, the episode revealed the brief clash between Ryuen and Horikita Suzune. Ryuen challenged Horikita on how Class D ended up winning the Iceland Test. On the other hand, Ayanakoji, the mastermind behind the success of Class D, managed to stay unclear in the discussion when Horikita carried the bulk of Ryuen’s interrogation. The collision may have ended peacefully, but it also indicated that class D is subject to further investigation by other classes since they managed to outclass every other class in the eye test.

Later in the episode, the test begins when Team Mars gathers. This group brings together Ayanakoji, Karuizawa, Ichinose and members of other classes. When the meeting begins, Ichinose takes the initiative and ascends to the leadership position in a brilliant way that prevents others from questioning her leadership. She gets the team to introduce themselves and suggests a practical strategy to remove the teamwork approach to the test. This approach means that the group members discuss the VIP identities before they jointly decide to send their choices via e-mail.

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Despite the effectiveness of the plan, Class A members of Team Mars protested against the teamwork, stating that refraining from participating in the test is the best way to achieve a desired result. This suggestion is also logical as it reduces the chances of mistakenly guessing a VIP’s identity. The first discussion in the group becomes zero, and Team Mars decides to follow the class A members’ suggestions. But in the break between the discussions, a minor disagreement breaks out when Karuizawa is bullied by members of her group – most likely a cheap ploy to find out if she is a VIP or not. Fortunately, Machida saves Karuizawa from the gang, and the second group discussion begins.

By maintaining the class A proposal, the team’s atmosphere becomes gloomy as no one discusses the identity of the VIPs. Finally, Ichinose broke the ice when she suggested that everyone could chat with each other to relax during the test. She manages to get everyone involved in her proposal, and shows just a lot of a leader she really is. The first episode of the season ended with Karuizawa Kei crying in her bathroom for unknown reasons, suggesting that the character has more Elite classroom will reveal. As the test progresses, fans can only wonder how it will turn out and whether Class D will triumph again this time.

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