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Burna Boy – Love, Damini (album review)

Burna Boy – Love, Damini (album review)

Burna Boy adds a new big chapter to his story with “Love, Damini”.

Honorable mention. Roller coaster

“Rollercoaster” just feels like the ultimate international hit.

Burna Boy and J Balvin are superstars moving the needle around the world. That they decide to join “Rollercoaster” is equivalent to Lionel Messi hooking up with Lebron to play a game of football. What I love is that Burna and J are not trying to do anything epic in the song; instead, they decide to bless us with regular vibes that are perfect for a hot summer night at the beach. This is the kind of song you let your soul eat up.

5. How bad can it be

I had to dock this song a point because Jorja Smith is on it (Burna Boy needs to withdraw from my fifth wife).

I’m pretty sure many will throw over “How Bad Could It Be” while listening to this album for the first time. The song does not have a hard-hitting beat or colorful melodies; instead, you get a soulful vocal performance and touching lyrics that remind you to keep your head up when things look dark. This song is literally what every human being on this planet should have within arm’s length.

4. Kilometers

This song will definitely make you put down your plate of Jollof rice and dance by yourself.

Yes, Burna Boy says “kilometers” at least 100 times in “kilometers”. However, he also blesses us with a ridiculously catchy hook, lyrics that will remind you why he’s the fucking man, and floats that are as consistent as Russell Westbrook sin number. While my ears do not love the song, my dancing feet do.

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3. Solid

Burna Boy, Blxst and Kehlani’s chemistry on “Solid” is fantastic.

I literally love Burna Boy, Blxst and Kehlani. They are three artists that I would definitely pay to see. In “Solid” they do not disappoint. In the song, they meet us with very infectious melodies and clever lyrical content that would make an IG trophy wife giggle.

For those of you who are new to Blxst, I want you to know this: The beat, the melodies and the content you hear in this song are what he does all day.

2. Last last

Toni Braxton lives on!

The other day I heard that Burna Boy has to pay Toni Braxton 60% of the money “Last Last” gets. If this is true, Toni is pretty right now because I think “Last Last” is a certified hit. I love how Burna combines the R & B legend’s touching adlibs with production that feels both vintage and captivating. I also rock with Burna’s alluring, solid and intoxicating singing style.

1. By my hand

Boris Johnson is probably listening to this song in wet clothes with a tear down his face.

“For My Hand” is perhaps just the most beautiful, most beautiful, heartwarming and romantic song I have heard this year. Burna Boy and Ed Sheeran’s nurturing lyrics mixed with their touching vocals will send chills down the spine.

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Tell me why this song made me want to reconcile my relationship with my deadbeat plant that I forgot to water (I just said I was not s ** t).

1. Glory (4/5)

2. Science (5/5)

Coat and dagger (4/5)

4. Kilometers (5/5)

5. Jagele (5/5)

Whiskey (3/5)

7. Last last (5/5)

8. Other size (3/5)

9. There is a lot (4/5)

Dirty Secrets (4/5)

11. Toni-Ann Singh (4/5)

12. Solid (5/5)

13. For my hand (5/5)

Roller coaster (4/5)

15. Vanilla (5/5)

16. Ordinary person (4/5)

17. Wild Dreams (4/5)

18. How bad can it be (5/5)

19. Love, Damini (4/5)


Do you know what makes me laugh? How we just assume that someone with an African accent makes Afropop music. No, Nigerian artists like WizKid, Burna Boy and Tems actually make all kinds of music. That being said, Dear, Damini should not be defined by a particular genre; it should be defined by how beautiful, touching, vibrant and well-structured it is.

Burna Boy has a voice that can move mountains. For the other people I have said that about, they tend to stay in their own path; Burna Boy actually trusts his voice to carry him to the finish line for all kinds of music. IN Dear, Damini, I absolutely love how the Nigerian singer plows his voice into everything from traditional afrobeat music to commercial pop records. When it comes to lyricism, I like how he delicately touches on everything we all strive for in life: love, happiness, money and freedom. Although I have my top 5 list at the top, I really think this is an album that needs to be internalized as much as possible.

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