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Book Review: ‘Avalon’ by Nell Zink

Book Review: ‘Avalon’ by Nell Zink

At first it seems that Peter will be the villain of the story. He always explains to Bran that she does not understand things, assigns her homework and talks about the subject of her limitations. When she admits to being in love with him, he replies, “I’m well aware of that.” On the other hand, he develops a pretty good college education for Bran, with high expectations and strong book recommendations.

On the other hand, he returns from a school holiday engaged to a woman named Yasira, who, he tells Bran, has a heavenly backside and no ambitions beyond taking care of Peter’s future children and doing housework. This is in line with his own ambitions to avoid childcare and housework. “She’s simple,” is how he characterizes Yasira’s appeal. Oh, to be simple and have a heavenly ass.

It’s a music video of the Roxy Music song “Avalon” in which Bryan Ferry wears a white tuxedo and dances sadly around a castle. At one point, a falcon rises on his gloved wrist, and both the bird and Ferry turn to the camera at the exact same moment – a feat to direct, or possibly luck. Later, there is a scene where the same falcon is apparently meant to step on a rose, but the bird hesitates and misses. Even a trained rental falcon resists control, the video seems to say. Much like love itself. Despite Peter’s wishes for an obedient wife and life, he loves Bran back.

Most of the novel takes place in the early to mid-2010s, although it flows outside the time period. Bran has a prepaid burner phone instead of an iPhone. There’s no President Obama, no Sandy Hook, no Boston Marathon bombing, no Justin Bieber. A character accidentally goes viral and is attacked by trolls for a dance-related cultural appropriation, but Bran is not on Twitter or Instagram. Nowhere is the word “selfie” displayed.

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If a character’s light is unjustly hidden by a bushel in the first act of a novel or movie, you can expect that what follows is of the revenge genre “I will show you”. But Bran does not want revenge on her stepfamily. They are losers. The concept of sacrifice is for Bran as the concept of a glacier is for a jungle-living amphibian. She wants to write the script and win Peter’s love. Where is the time for whining? Or retaliation?

Near the end of the book, the possibility of a terrible plot twist arises – the kind that rests on an absurd coincidence. Zinc dangles the twist long enough to make a reader twist and then – made you see! – arrows in another direction. There is no fooling around with the rules of “Avalon”, which is the effervescent and clever type of novel that recreates the experience of learning a new game: You voluntarily enter its world and add your reading effort to Zink’s writing effort with the idea that the sum of these the energies will create a zone of joy and meaning. So fun.

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