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Azeron Cyborg Compact review: Niche but nice

Azeron Cyborg Compact review: Niche but nice

Most competing players probably use one of the best gaming keyboards on the market, but some are always looking to try something drastically different in an attempt to gain the upper hand. This is where the new Azeron Cyborg Compact joins the fight, with more than 20 programmable buttons, a 3D-printed frame and a look that is straight out of old-fashioned Cyberpunk.

The Azeron Cyborg Compact is expensive and different enough that you can expect a serious learning curve. Surprisingly, it actually did not take much time to get used to, but it also feels like you can spend almost an infinite amount of time refining things in the software and replacing the many replaceable parts to get things that suit you. If you give it time, Cyborg Compact can deliver a unique, enjoyable gaming experience. And it will definitely drum up conversations with people who see it sitting on your desk.

Design by Azeron Cyborg Compact

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