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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 9 Review

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 9 Review

This review contains spoilers for Season 6 of Animal Kingdom. “Gethsemane”, the last episode of TNT’s crime thriller, animal kingdom, embarks on an emotionally draining journey that could spell the beginning of the end for the Cody family’s legacy. “Gethsemane” undoubtedly focuses on Pope (Shawn Hatosy), who delivers another fantastic performance as the troubled older brother of the Cody family. Kevin Csolak’s portrayal of the teenage Pope cannot be ignored in “Gethsemane” either, as both actors paint a depressing picture of how bound Pope and his mother have always been.


After the shocking passing of Smurf (Ellen Barkin) before The animal kingdom season 4 finale, Barkin’s absence has been felt. Leila George who plays Smurf in The animal kingdom the flashbacks have done an incredible job of recreating the Smurfs’ flair, but in many of the present-day scenes, the Smurfs’ legacy continues to hang over the Cody boys like a dark cloud. “Gethsemane” serves as a painful reminder to the boys and viewers that despite her physical absence, Smurf’s claws are still very much connected to the events of the day.

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The strongest part of “Gethsemane” is Pope, and there are two scenes that establish this. The first is between Pope and Deran (Jake Weary) at the family home’s poolside. Pope broods over the events about to unfold, the guilt he still carries over Catherine’s death, and the problems his undying loyalty to one member of his family continues to cause for the rest. Deran joins his side in a last-ditch effort to talk Pope out of all the cuts he’s considering, and to offer the brotherly support that only Deran has been able to give him. The pair reminisce over a few childhood memories and recall the absence of Smurf and Baz.

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Both Hatosy and Weary are phenomenal in this scene, injecting The animal kingdom with a dose of vulnerability and true brotherhood that doesn’t always shine through the grit and action of the series. The gravity of what the Pope must do to protect the family again is a heartbreaking recall of the beginning The animal kingdom. Pope had been the only member of the Cody family caught up in a job gone wrong, and he paid the price for the bad job alone. Despite his sacrifices, the Codys were sparingly grateful for the lengths the Pope would go to protect them and their family legacy. In this scene, Deran begins to express that gratitude, acknowledging that it was always the Pope who tried to take care of them. While Deran and Craig may never admit it out loud, Pope was the father figure neither of them really had growing up.

The second scene in “Gethsemane” that demonstrates Hatosy’s perfection as a pope is the long-awaited interrogation scene. Here, Pope sits across the table from Detective Thompson (Moran Atias), who has been in pain all season. Despite the plan Pope has been told to follow, he quickly finds himself consumed by guilt again. Thompson begins reminding Pope of the lives he has destroyed with his violence, telling Pope about Lena’s memories and the confession he made to Amy several seasons ago. The longer Thompson talks, the visible wear and tear it takes on Pope’s conscience is obvious. Hatosy also wears an expression that makes it seem like Pope feels he deserves the punishment coming his way.

The animal kingdom delivers another perfectly titled episode with “Gethsemane”. The term not only has spiritual undertones, but simply refers to intense emotional suffering. Both meanings of the term apply to the episode due to Pope. The Pope’s religious affiliation has been woven throughout The animal kingdom and in “Gethsemane” Pope becomes a direct symbol of Jesus. Just as the Pope contemplates what awaits him, Gethsemane is where Jesus did the same shortly before his crucifixion. Pope’s guilt and the emotional distress of the other Cody boys after Pope’s confession allows “Gethsemane” to be linked to its second meaning as well.

“Gethsemane” ends with separate glimpses of how Deran, Craig (Ben Robson) and J (Finn Cole) deal with Pope’s confession, which humanizes the bond they share. Deran lashes out at Tommy in his bar, Craig finds himself unable to go home and crashes with Renn, while J returns to Penny at the hospital. Each of them roll in their own ways, although Deran and Craig have far more emotional reactions. They are arguably the only two upset because of their concern for Pope, while J’s concerns seem to be trusting the business. As the one groomed to take over the business by Smurf, J has become eerily similar to her throughout the series. “Gethsemane” makes the similarity clear, as Smurf gives Baz his own place in a flashback, while J offers Penny an apartment in one of his buildings.

Through animal kingdom, Pope has traditionally been considered the most violent of the Codys. When Smurf needed dirty work done, it was always Pope she sent to do it. When the boys needed someone threatened or roughed up, it was the Pope they asked to help. Despite his violent streak, Pope is also one of the Codys with the strongest moral compass. After Lena’s parents died, Pope was the only one who tried to care for her and fought for custody. When Deran, Craig, or even J began to stray from the path, it was Pope who tried to remind them of who they were. Without Pope, the Cody family and name are bound to suffer in Oceanside.

Seasons 1-5 of The animal kingdom now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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