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Allbirds Tree Flyers Review | Tom’s guide

Allbirds Tree Flyers Review |  Tom’s guide

Allbirds changes the sneaker game. Instead of using the petroleum-based materials found in most best running shoes In the market, Allbirds strives to create a sustainable shoe with a low carbon footprint. The result? A good everyday running shoe that is better for the planet.

Allbirds Tree Flyer specifications

Weight: 9.5 oz
Fall: 8.5 mm
Type: Road
Support: Neutral

Of course, this is not Allbird’s first step into the running shoe market – it released Tree Dasher a few years ago, which was a super plush everyday running shoe. With Tree Flyers, the Allbirds say they have designed a light and resilient running shoe. But how does the shoe compare to some of the other performance shoes on the market? Read my review of Allbirds Tree Flyers below to find out more.

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