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16 best top-rated straw hats for the summer of 2022, per online reviews

16 best top-rated straw hats for the summer of 2022, per online reviews

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Christine Giordano

When it comes to your summer outfit, most people have it planned from head to toe. A pair of stylish sunglasses, some airy laces and sandals made to go are all must-haves. And the resistance? The perfect straw hat.

With many styles and colors to choose from, a straw hat can be what you have been looking for – especially when it is so hot outside that you can use some shade from the sun.

A straw hat is not necessary for the summer just because it is stylish AF, but as a good SPF and anti-UV hair spray, a straw hat can help keep you safe from the powerful rays that can often lead to sunburn. If you have had five or more sunburns in your life, you have a higher risk of developing melanoma, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, so sun safety is a must.

Whether you are planning your next beach holiday or trying to complete the resort outfit that makes you feel like you are on holiday even when you are just walking around your neighborhood, here are the 16 best straw hats for the summer of 2022, per online reviews.

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Best straw hat with a wide black ribbon

Joanna straw hat

This straw hat from Brixton has a 4-inch edge to protect your skin in all sunny conditions. Available in five sizes, its inner circumference measures 21.5 to 24.5 inches. The wide black ribbon adds the finishing touch to this classic look.

Rave review: “I just dug this hat to start wearing with spring and summer in mind! This is definitely my favorite hat so far. I love that it comes in different sizes so you can get a perfect fit! The quality of this hat and Budget-friendly prices can’t be beat! “


Best travel-friendly straw hat

Packable paper straw panama hat

There is never enough space in the suitcase when you go on holiday. Fortunately, this packable straw hat from Nordstrom is flexible enough to fit around other items in the checked bag. Use the inner strap to adjust the size for a perfect fit when you reach the goal.

Rave review: “This hat looks and feels fantastic. The fit is perfect because it is adjustable !! My favorite feature is that it can be packed together !! How many times have you wished you could take your favorite hat on a trip ?! This hat looks far more expensive than it is. I will buy it again in a different color !! “


Best white straw hat

White paper straw Panama hat

Do you want to make sure that your beach hat fits all the holiday outfits you have painstakingly chosen? Think of this Panama hat in white. It also has an adjustable inner band that fits your head.

Rave review: “Great sun hat that has style. I got the white one with a black ribbon. Highly recommended. It was packed perfectly ❤️”

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Best Rancher Straw Hat

Jo Straw Rancher Hat

If you want to take advantage of your country, this straw hat, available in four sizes, is the way to go. (But do not worry – it looks good on the beach too – not just on the ranch.) And it is structured looks and ribbon details will keep you sharp.

Rave review: “This hat is definitely a showstopper! Excellent quality and fit.”


Best straw sunshade

Sunshade with wide shade

With the benefits of sun protection for your face and the added benefit of being able to wear your hair in a tall pony, a straw visor is a must. This one from Amazon is adjustable and can be rolled up to fit in the smallest spaces left in your suitcase. Available in 14 colors at a budget-friendly price point, there is no reason not to have at least one in the closet.

Rave review: “What a great hat! Bought for a trip to Florida and couldn’t have been happier. Easy to pack in your hand luggage and daypack, and it rolled out / fits perfectly for complete sun protection.”


Best floppy straw hat

Floppy straw hat

Are you looking for a simple, airy straw hat that matches the sea moods you plan to soak up while wearing it? The views are sunny skies ahead with this floppy straw hat from Eric Javits. It’s a splurge, but so worth the price for something you can literally have on everything. The 6.5-inch edge gives you extra shade and sun protection in this one size that suits everyone.

Rave review: “This hat is absolutely beautiful. I love how it sparkles in the sun. Perfect for sunny days by the pool with my 20 month old daughter to keep the sun completely away from her face, shoulders and neck. She loves it too !! !!”


Best black straw hat

‘Hampton’ straw sun hat

Another straw hat from Eric Javits, this lightweight baby is oh-so-chic. Yep, Eric Javit’s hats are so cute that this list could not just contain one of them. Available in five other colors, it is flattering enough for dressy events, but versatile enough for more casual occasions as well. The elastic inner strap also helps to make this a hat that fits everyone and fits every moment.

Rave review: “If you’re nervous about wearing a hat in public, stiffen and stiffen your spine and go for it. There’s something about wearing one that will make you go a little higher and find the ‘model’ inside you. The quality of Eric Javits hats are seen as soon as you take it out of the box. “


Best straw boat driver

Seabreeze Seagrass Hat

Consider this wide-brimmed boat driver from Gigi Pip the best co-captain for your next water trip. (But it is also stylish enough for excursions on land as well.) Made of seagrass straw, has a 4-inch edge and is available in four sizes.

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Rave review: “The pictures do not do this hat justice! This is by far the most exceptional hat! I’m sure it will look FANTASTIC on everyone! This is a must have in your summer collection!”


Best straw hat available in different colors

Fedora Beach

Do you need a hat in all the colors of the rainbow? This choice from Amazon comes in 21 different colors to get you started. Made of paper straw and polyester, it is collapsible and packable, so just roll it up, toss it in your bag and you are ready to roll to the beach.

Rave review: Let me start by being I’ve never been a beach hat type person … until now! I love this hat !!! When I bought it, I was not sure if I could take it off. (You know, it looks good on others, but not so good on me.) Well, I just got back from Belize, and this hat was amazing. “


Best top-rated straw hat

Wide brim straw panama hat

You will hear the ocean breeze screaming as soon as you put on this Amazon bestseller. This Panama hat is foldable for easy packing and also has a 3-inch edge for extra sun protection. In addition, you have 16 different color options for band hats to choose from.

Rave review: “Instead of buying clothes for the summer, I bought this hat and it looks so good with EVERYTHING. I have used it every day since I bought it. Suddenly my clothes have been given new life … I have a bigger head “I thought this might not work for me, but I get compliments even when I wear the face mask. It also keeps me very cool despite the 100-degree weather in California. All in all, extremely happy with my purchase.”


Dear Fedora

Fedora beach hat

Get in a holiday mood with this fedora. It is crushable for packing and easily returns to shape when you arrive at your destination. You also have an adjustable size, a detachable chin strap and 10 colors to choose from.

Rave review: “I bought this hat for a vacation to Florida and New Orleans. I absolutely love it! I had at least half a dozen strangers complimenting me on my hat during the first 24 hours in New Orleans !!”


Best straw hat with a stylish buckle

Straw hat with wide brim

Packable and lightweight, this wide-brimmed Panama hat is always ready for your next adventure. The design includes a stylish buckle accent and breathable materials, and it is available in 16 colors. So what are you waiting for?

Rave review: “I could honestly fantasize about this hat forever. If you’re looking for a high quality Panama hat, look no further!”

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1. 3

Best straw drop hat

Arlo Hat

With a drop shape and accent of leather straps, this fedora from Gigi Pip is your new favorite beach accessory. It has a 3.5-inch edge, ventilating accents and is available in three colors. Here sunshine, here style.

Rave review: “Absolutely fantastic! True in size! Lots of compliments! I will definitely order another Fedora hat this fall !!”


Best straw hat for windy days

Floppy sun hat

You get versatile UV protection with the 4-inch wide brim hat from Jendi. And the paper straw-polyester blend is flexible enough to fold into the smallest space in the beach bag. It also has an adjustable inner edge and a chin strap to keep your new favorite hat safe on your head, even on the windiest days.

Rave review: “This is a very cute hat. I bought it for a beach holiday. It packed well and I love that the back is made for a ponytail or bowl, or to easily rest your head on an armchair.”


Best elegant straw hat

Pom Pom straw hat

It’s “the sun is out, fun is out” with this wide straw hat. It has a 5.5-inch edge for extra protection and pom pom accents for extra ingenuity. Available in four colors and foldable for packing, this hat from the female brand, The Chic Soul, is a must-have.

Rave review: “Probably my favorite hat purchase from Amazon !! It’s very stylish! Wide enough, but not too wide, well made! And I love the design in general. It protects my face from the sun. I take it with me everywhere I go, especially now that it is summer time. “


Best oversized straw hat

Oversized beach hat

If you have to go for it, go for it. This collapsible hat (just steam gently to release any wrinkles) has a 28-inch edge. A statement like this will definitely get you noticed – but luckily you have an oversized edge you can hide behind if you want.

Rave review: “I was wearing this at an outdoor festival and it kept me cool. I felt elegant, mysterious and stylish! There’s a tie inside to attach it to my head (because the wind comes under it). It has a metal edge, so “it will keep the shape you give it. I steamed it on arrival to get the boards out, it worked like a charm!”

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