Willow’s Rotten Tomatoes Audience score plummets as fans lash out at Disney+ series.

Willow’s Rotten Tomatoes Audience score plummets as fans lash out at Disney+ series.

Willow’s Disney+ revival has received positive reviews from critics, but audience scores have left a lot to be desired.

Willow arrived on Disney+ with a slew of episodes to kick off a nostalgic return to the 1988 fantasy film of the same name. While the revival of the franchise has given some a wonderful window back into the wizarding world of Warwick Davis, many fans of the film have not been as fond of the opening episodes of the series, which has left it with a hugely disappointing 24.% approval rating on Rotten tomatoes.

Disney+ seemed to be on another winning streak when the first trailers for Willow dropped, but after the release of the first few episodes, the series has seen a huge amount of 1-star reviews with two major issues being called out again and again in some lengthy critical reviews from audiences. The most frequent complaint seems to focus on the show’s writing, which is cited dozens of times on each page with reviews like “bad fanfiction,” “unwatchable,” and “a shadow of the movie.” Several reviews even questioned why “the team that destroyed Star Wars” with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Moviewas put in a position to do the same with Willow.

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The added gripe is how the title character seems to play second fiddle to his own series in the opening episodes of the show. This leads to the oft-repeated audience comments that the younger cast was brought in to lead the show as too modern and out of context Willow is inserted, which comes up in many reviews of revived films and series based on older franchises.

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Will Willow get another season on Disney+?

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In stark contrast to the audience reviews, critics have not only been much kinder to them Willow, giving it an 84% approval rating, scoring it far above the film. However, this kind of contrasting opinion between audiences and critics is a common theme in many releases in recent years, and while it’s good talk, it’s not going to get the series a second season. Showrunner Jonathan Kasdan has made it clear that he would like to delve deeper Willows the world with a new season. He said:

“We are certainly working on it and I am asking Kathy [Kennedy] because working with these actors and this crew of filmmakers on this show has been the best experience. We still feel there are many stories and bigger places to visit.”

The renewal of a series comes from a number of factors, and one of the biggest seems to be the completion rate that a show has. While many reviewers are quick to jump in early on series, dropping commentary after only a few episodes, whether these people return for subsequent episodes is what now makes or breaks any future seasons. With Willow still has a lot to give, it’s still a while before we find out if the fantasy adventure series will get another chance to make a good first impression or not.

Willows The first episodes are now available on Disney+ with new episodes being released every week.

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