Will the upcoming Disney+ Willow series have an age rating?

Will the upcoming Disney+ Willow series have an age rating?

If you’ve ever seen the original 1988 film before, I’m sure you’ve had a flood of nostalgia. I remember snippets of the dark fantasy film like it was yesterday, and can’t wait to see Disney+’s upcoming Willow series. But what happens when those who saw it are now parents and want to share the story with their children? Want Willow be suitable for children? Want the upcoming Disney+ Willow Do series have an age limit? Everyone wants to know.

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The original Willow was an uplifting film with plenty of dark and normal fantasy elements that made it a great film for younger audiences. However, some of the darker themes were a little too dark and mature for children, and the film received a PG rating. The original film was deemed suitable for children as long as they were supervised by their parents.

The premise of the film was that the evil sorceress Queen Bavmorda of Nockmaar was afraid of a prophecy coming true where a child with a special runic birthmark would cause her to fall so imprisoned all pregnant women in her domain. When the child is inevitably born, she is smuggled out of the castle, but at the cost of both the mother’s and the midwife’s lives. The queen sends her daughter, Sorsha, and an army to hunt down the baby. In a strange twist of fate, Willow becomes her protector and ends up saving the day in the end.

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Back in 1989, Capcom made one The Legend of Zelda style Willow games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was a 2D action role-playing game that was loosely based on the film of the same title that came out the year before.

In the game, players took on the role of Willow Ufgood, who leads a battle against evil, using a sword, shield, magic spells and items to defeat them. Unlike in the movie, this time Willow travels alone, briefly meeting NPCs along the way, gaining experience and leveling up from defeating enemies in real-time combat, like most RPG elements.

The game has no money system, all items are found/tried in the game, with the exception of Willow being able to enter homes and talk to the residents to receive advice or items such as magic and weapons.

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Willow Disney+ TV Series

Is-Willow-and-Star-Wars connected

The upcoming Disney+ Willow the series is a direct sequel to the original 1988 film, created to be an adventure fantasy series based on the film. While there are many different elements that contribute to the overall fantasy adventure genre, with some medieval sword fighting, magic, mythical creatures, and a certain level of violence in the series, there are no explicit horror elements in the series, and that, as well as the move, was never meant to be outright scary. Some scenes may straddle the line between dark and light, and be scary for very young audiences, but it’s unlikely that there will be a ton of these that Willow the series is still a Disney+ show, but that’s why we think the series will receive a TV-PG rating.

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Many parents who enjoyed the original even in the 80s and early 90s are wondering if they will be able to watch Disney+ Willow series for their children. The short answer is yes. There are no real horror elements to be included in the story, but parental guidance will probably be advised due to the darker elements such as violence and medieval battles. As the nostalgia train gets longer and longer for 80s and 90s kids, it’s doubtful they’ll miss sharing this series with families.

As mentioned above, this is still a Disney+ show, and from the trailer it appears to have a younger, teenage/young adult cast that can be relatable to younger fans. This series will most likely be aimed at younger viewers, but not to the point where it is child-friendly, and children under 13 should still have their parents present when watching Willow.

For fans, it would be really disappointing if Disney+ Willow the series had an age rating.

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Are you going to watch Disney+’s Willow series when it is released?

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