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Will the Disney + series introduce Hulkling?

Will the Disney + series introduce Hulkling?

Secret invasion is an upcoming Disney + series where shape-shifting Skrull invaders have quietly infiltrated powerful hierarchies on Earth, and it’s up to Nick Fury to stop them. The series will be about powerful organizations such as SHIELD and SWORD and will see Nick Fury’s return in a significant way. With the show focusing on Skrulls as the main enemy, one wonders if Disney will use this opportunity to introduce Hulkling, also known as Teddy Altman.

Hulkling is a super-Skrull who was raised on earth and joins the Marvel heroes in Young Avengers. We think it may be time to introduce him to MCU because Marvel has already started planting the seeds of Young Avengers across the universe. There are already 7 of the ensemble’s characters active in various MCU projects, and Secret invasion seems like the perfect time to drop the Hulkling out of the box.


While MCU seems to be evolving a little differently than the comics in some ways, which may affect some of the tales of Young Avengers characters, there are still some fitting moments for their entry on stage. The Patriot made its entrance The falcon and the winter soldier along with heroes he was related to. Secret invasion seems like the most aesthetic to introduce the super-Skrull warrior who has secretly lived on earth all along.

Who’s Marvel’s Hulkling?

Hulkling, or Teddy Altman, is a member of Young Avengers and one of the stronger heroes in the group. He is also a transformer with considerable ability. In his comic book origins, he is the son of Captain Marvel and the Skrull princess Anelle. During the Kree-Skrull War, Captain Marvel, who was still a member of the Kree people at the time, was captured by the Skrull emperor and had a brief affair with his daughter while in prison. Princess Anelle was worried that her father would kill the child if he ever discovered his genetic inheritance, so she had her son sent away with her nurse. As soon as he was born, he was brought to earth and raised by his now adoptive mother. The Skrull woman disguised herself as a single mother who worked as a real estate agent and raised the boy on her own.

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While Teddy’s foreign ancestry was a bit secretive to him, he could still change form from a very young age. He grew up believing that he was a mutant, and for fear that he might be a social pariah, he kept his powers secret. He only revealed the changing abilities of his closest friend at school, who accepted him for who he was, but wanted to use his powers for personal gain. When the Avengers disbanded in the comics, Teddy’s friend took him to the abandoned Avenger’s Mansion to plunder the place. But Teddy decided to respect the ruins and scared his friend to leave, thus ending their friendship.

Teddy was later recruited to Young Avengers via an Avengers fail-safe program that Vision had. He took the name Hulkling because he most often changed form to a younger version of the Hulk. Although Avengers has not disintegrated in the same way in MCU as in the comics, there is an opportunity to fit this story. Secret invasion. It was a cartoon in the 70’s when the Avengers card was disbanded because Skrulls disguised as Captain America, Iron Man and Thor used their false authority to break up the group for a moment.

Why secret invasion is the perfect time

Although we’ve seen Skrulls in MCU, this will be the first time the audience will see them as one of the main enemies in a story. It will also be the first time their shape-shifting abilities have been at the center. It will create a good opportunity to show the life of an ordinary human teenager who plays on his basketball team in high school. One day he goes home to his mother, who is happy to greet him, but a glimpse of green skin reveals exactly who she is.

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That said, MCU has been known to deviate from comics on certain occasions. So it is very likely that Marvel can change the background of Hulkling quite easily. We know from Spider-Man: Far From Home that Nick Fury has been working on Skrull’s off-planet for a while now. So it would be more than possible for Fury to bring a Skrull child back to Earth when he finally returns. With all the cards up his sleeve, Fury could be the one planning this second Avengers initiative all the time.

It is, of course, a question of whether he will return Secret invasion. Samuel L. Jackson’s cast in the series is just a version of Nick Fury, who is really just Skrull Talos pretending to be him all the time.

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