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Why a Disney + sequel to “Solo” is a good idea

Why a Disney + sequel to “Solo” is a good idea

In the years since Disney bought Lucasfilm, they have released five movies in addition to expanding the universe through both animated and live-action series on Disney +. Of all the material they have produced, one film in particular has failed to leave any lasting impression, Solo: A Star Wars Story. The criticism and audience reception for the Han Solo prequel was generally positive, although the box office was a disappointment to say the least. While the first three Star Wars movies released by Disney raised over a billion dollars each, Solo managed to pull in just under $ 400 million worldwide.


As a result of SoloWhen he failed to perform on par with other recent films in the franchise, it seems that all plans to develop a sequel to the film or follow-up to the dangling story threads have been stopped completely. While a second Solo film can be completely ruled out, a Disney + series exploring the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn introduced by the film may be worth Lucasfilm’s time and effort. Here’s why:

More Darth Maul

Darth Maul is one of the most iconic villains in the world Star Wars canon, and yet he has never really had a chance to shine in a live-action outing. The character was introduced as a young Sith apprentice to Darth Sidious in Phantom threatsand although he was certainly threatening in that film, and the extended fight sequence with him at the end resulted in one of the best pieces of music in the franchise, the character himself was little more than a bad guy to fight and kill in. Episode I. It was disappointing to see a character with such potential taken off the board so early in the prequels.

Fortunately, Dave Filoni brought Maul back to the fold with the fantastic animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. That show developed Maul into one of the most dynamic and interesting villains the franchise has ever had, which made his re-introduction to the live-action movies at the end of Solo incredibly exciting. The end of the film establishes Maul as the leader of the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn, and sets the stage for a deeper dive into the galaxy’s criminal underworld. Bringing Maul back to live-action was a good decision, since the character’s action sequences are some of the best in the franchise and the story around him is ripe for potential. By spinning one Crimson Dawn series on Disney +, Lucasfilm could follow the decision and find a passionate fanbase at the end of that tunnel.

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What happened to Qi’ra

Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra was a new character introduced in Solo and in many ways she was the most interesting part of the film. She was a romantic interest in a young Han, but she had moved on with her life and career during the years he still longed for her. When they were reunited, she told him that she never escaped the criminal world they grew up in together. Towards the end of the film, she killed Dryden Vos and took his place as the face of Crimson Dawn. It was one of the first times in the film she took control of her destiny. But instead of becoming the good guy like Han, she chose to go deeper into the criminal world and work directly for Maul.

Even without bringing Him into the series, one Crimson Dawn the show would allow the audience to see what Qi’ra’s goal was and whether she was in fact a villain in the story. Solo established Qi’ra as a unique type of antihero in Star Wars cannon. She is basically a version of Him who chose to embrace the criminal world instead of becoming a hero. In addition to that, Emilia Clarke is a great actress who deserves to have more to do Star Wars universe. She has already proven to be a TV powerhouse with Game of Thronesso a Crimson Dawn the series would allow Lucasfilm to exploit the same talent well for Disney +.

Connections to others Star Wars Material

The time between Revenge of the Sith and A new hope has become one of the most explored eras of Star Wars universe, with shows like The Bad Batch, Star Wars: Rebelsand Obi-Wan Kenobi which exists in that space at the top of the films Solo and Rogue One. With that said, a Crimson Dawn the series can build on much of what was already established at the time, and it will have enormous live-action crossover potential. We already know that characters like Ahsoka Tano, Boba Fett, Kanan Jarrus and Clone Troopers of the Bad Batch had races with the criminal world around that time. It would not be a big deal to have any of these conflicts with Crimson Dawn.

There have already been several matches between Ahsoka and Maul that have taken place on the animated side of Star Wars universe. With both characters now well established in live action, a show like this could provide some of the best lightsaber clashes in the franchise so far. By crossing over other characters from Star Wars cannon with a Crimson Dawn show, not only would it give fans a second chance to see their favorite characters in live action, but it would also Solo feels like a more intertwined chapter of the franchise, rather than the failed relic it seems to be.

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To give Solo a better legacy

Solo has largely been resigned to the rubbish heap of Star Wars‘earlier, which is an unfair fate for a film that is actually a decent sci-fi adventure with some exciting new twists for the franchise. Over the last few decades, Lucasfilm has shown a consistent desire to build on its established canon instead of completely abandoning what people may not have liked at first. Although the reception of the prequel trilogy was initially mixed, it is now a passionate fan base for these films. It has largely happened as a result of programs like The Clone Wars and Obi-Wan Kenobi, who chose to watch these movies again and pull out and build on the best things about them.

There were many factors that contributed to Solo‘s box office failure, such as its proximity to the release of Avengers: Infinity War and hits theaters just five months after the split The last Jedi. If Lucasfilm believes that the film’s commercial failure is to blame for the content or its choice to cast Han, then they are dramatically lacking. By building off Solo with a Crimson Dawn series, Lucasfilm would give that film a second chance. It will encourage fans to watch the film again with different eyes. Solo would be more than just a footnote in Star Wars universe, since it would have been another important building block in what has become one of the largest galaxies in entertainment. By running with the most interesting parts of the movie in one Crimson Dawn show Lucasfilm could repair a lot of Solotheir image, which in turn would help repair the image of their brand as a whole.

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