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What’s new at Disney + | America The Beautiful – What’s Happening at Disney Plus

What’s new at Disney + |  America The Beautiful – What’s Happening at Disney Plus

To celebrate US Independence Day, Disney has released a brand new National Geographic documentary series, “America The Beautiful” on Disney + in all English-speaking territories. The series will be released in all other territories on September 28, 2022.

From the award-winning producers of “Planet Earth”, “Frozen Planet” and “Disneynature” movies, “America the Beautiful”, told by Michael B. Jordan, is the captivating story of our homeland and its amazing animals. North America is the most diverse and extreme continent on earth. The only place where you can find any landscape, from arctic ice cap to backing desert and everything in between. We take a journey through America’s most spectacular regions – the mountainous northwest, the steamy south, the dry west and the endless heartland. Whatever the neighborhood, there is a hero who can make it a home. Smart, tough, brave, you name it, the animals of North America have what it takes to overcome the elements and thrive. In our concluding episode, we meet the human heroes who are fighting to preserve our wildlife and wild places for future generations.

Each episode of “America The Beautiful” shows smart and brave animal heroes of all sizes – from grizzlies to bald eagles, mountain lions to honey pot ants – whose fun and fantastic antics are brought to life with character-led storytelling. To capture elusive and never-before-seen animal behavior on the ground, a new generation of remote cameras and gyro-stabilized cameras were used. In the latest episode, to celebrate the human preservation heroes of America, producers worked directly with indigenous tribes such as the Chippewa Cree of Rocky Boy Reservation in Montana to film the reintroduction of bison and the Gwich’in people of Alaska to document the struggle to protect the Arctic. refuge from oil exploration.

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The six-part series has an inspiring soundtrack that not only evokes pride, but also the diversity of America. The score was composed by Joseph Trapanese. Music from the series includes performances by Ojibwe powwow singer Joe Rainey Sr., native drummer and singer Dylan Jennings (Bizhikiins-Young Buffalo), Italian-Korean-American violinist Lucia Micarelli, black-American bluesman Leonard “Lowdown” Brown, Los Angeles- based multiethnic vocal ensemble Tonality led by Black American conductor Alexander Blake, and more. Drummer and supporting vocalist from Bon Iver, S. Carey wrote and produced the album’s theme music with Trapanese.

Are you going to check out “America The Beautiful” today?

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