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What to watch at Disney +

What to watch at Disney +

The list of actors who have lent out both their physical, live-action performances and their voice talents is quite extensive. Some of the most famous actors have achieved both Disney equations, giving the voices of many popular animated characters as well as some of your favorite superheroes.

Check out all the titles you can enjoy from your favorite at Disney +.

“Samuel Jackson not only portrays Nick Fury in several Marvel titles, he is also the voice of Frozone in Pixars”The incredible” and “Incredibles 2 “. He is a recognizable personality with an unmistakable voice.

Sandra Oh has a small but memorable role in the original “Princess Diaries “ film as the slightly scattered, overpowered principal of high school that Princess Mia attends. More recently, she voiced Mei’s mother in “Turns red “.

Dwayne Johnson is known for his many notable career roles, and you can find him at Disney + starring in the lovable, heartwarming “The Game Plan” movie from 2007. He would then catapult into bigger Disney dreams by voicing Maui in the animated hit, “Moana “. What can Disney say other than “you are welcome!”

Chris Pratt is best known for his roles in the Marvel universe as Star-Lord (Peter Quill) starring in Avengers movies as well as “Guardians of the Galaxy “. “People may be surprised to hear that he also gives the voice to Barley in Pixars.”Further”.

Tom Holland, aka Spiderman i “Avengers: Infinity War “ and “Avengers: Endgame “plays Ian in Pixar’s “Further”opposite the aforementioned Chris Pratt.

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Scarlett Johansson, known for her roles in both The Avengers and The Independent “Black Widow” the film, surprisingly lent its voice to the cunning, cunning snake, Kaa, in the 2016 live-action / CGI remake of “The Jungle Book “ from Jon Favreau.

Ming-Na Wen votes the very popular Mulan from the animated classic from 1998 and its sequel. She did the opposite and went from a voiceover star to a live-action Disney star with her work on the Star Wars Disney + series, “The Mandalorian “as well as another series, “The Book of Boba Fett “.

Chris Evans is the latest star to take his vocal talents “to infinity and beyond” in the upcoming, long-awaited Pixar movie, “Light year “. He has been a Disney + stall with his appearances in “Captain America: The First Avenger “ as well as the two sequels in addition to portraying the role of Captain America in the Avengers series as well.

Tell us which live-action stars you want to see coming to Disney + in the near future, and be sure to check out all the voice and live-action performances from your favorite crossover stars now!

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Megan is a Disney enthusiast who enjoys checking out the latest movies, TV shows and Broadway shows. Her favorite Disney movie is the classic “Beauty and the Beast”.

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