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Tony Gilroy Says ‘We’re Old-School’ As Upcoming Disney+ Series Won’t Use ‘Star Wars’ Volume Video Wall

Tony Gilroy Says ‘We’re Old-School’ As Upcoming Disney+ Series Won’t Use ‘Star Wars’ Volume Video Wall

«Star Wars” films have always been ubiquitous with cutting-edge special effects. However, since the Prequel Trilogy of the early 2000s, the pioneering use of effects has mainly been in digital production. Recently, that means the use of “Volum,” an ultra-HD video wall that allows for in-camera effects and creates immersive digital environments for actors to work in. Want to know why «The Mandalorian,” “The Book of Boba Fett“,” and “Obi-Wan Kenobi“Does everyone look the same? That’s why.

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So, all the more exciting as “Andor” showrunner Tony Gilroy does not use Volume in its upcoming Disney+ series. Empire reports that instead of relying on Volume’s technology, Gilroy decided to keep the show’s environments as practical as possible. “Yeah, we’re old school,” Gilroy joked, “we didn’t use StageCraft [an alternative name for Volume] at all. Gilroy filmed most of the series on location or on massive sets built at Pinewood in England. The result is evident in the show’s two trailers: “Andor” looks more like a “Star Wars” episode from the original trilogy than anything else on Disney+ in recent years.

And the cast of “Andor” couldn’t be happier with Gilroy’s decision. “As an actor, it’s beautiful,” the star said Diego Lunawho plays Cassian Andor in the series, “Everything is mechanical. You interact with genuine thing.” Fiona Shaw, who plays Maarva in the upcoming series, also found the use of intricately designed sets. “My character’s house is built from parts of old spaceships,” she said. “I used to go out and just stare at it. Fantastic.”

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The only apparent negative about shooting on location for the show was the long trips the cast and crew had to take for the shoot. “In Pitlochry, Scotland, we had to go for hours up a mountain to set up one shot,” Luna said. “Huge effort. Really dangerous to get there. All you can see around you is sky, tree, rivers, lakes. Fantastic! Like being on another planet.” The emphasis on real sets and location photography can make “Andor” feel like the most tactile, lived-in and genuine “Star Wars” project for a long time.

For some viewers, Gilroy’s realistic environments will make “Andor” much more exciting to watch. But what will mainstream fans, those who take overuse of Volume/StageCraft as the new normal for “Star Wars” adventures, think of Gilroy’s adjustment? Everyone will find out with the first three episodes of the “Andor” hit Disney+ on September 21.

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