The Way Of Water Release on Disney+?

The Way Of Water Release on Disney+?

Avatar: The Way of Water has been released in theaters, leaving many wondering if and when it will be shown on streaming services, namely Disney+.

Avatar: The Way of the Water has finally been released in theaters, 13 years after its predecessor, with the question of whether the film will soon be on any streaming services like Disney+. Given the long wait for James Cameron’s sequel, the streaming aspect of the film is completely different from the original. In 2009 when Avatar was released, most modern popular streaming services were in the beginning, and 20th Century Fox owned the film.


Now that streaming services have become the norm in the film and television industry, and Disney has acquired 20th Century Fox under their banner, the streaming release for Avatar: The Way of the Water will be very different. With Avatar 2 opening weekend box office that hints at how the film will perform overall, if and when the film comes to Disney+ are some of the main points of contention going forward. That being said, here is Avatar: The Way of Water’s streaming the future explained.

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Is Avatar: The Way Of Water coming out on Disney+ or Hulu?

Avatar 2 Disney+

Starting with the simpler answer, Avatar: The Way of the Water eventually coming out on Disney+. The first film is currently streaming on the service following the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney. As with the rest of Fox’s major franchises, such as X men and Fantastic four among other things Avatar the series’ new home in terms of streaming is Disney+. This means that finally, after the run at the ticket office, Avatar: The Way of the Water will be released on Disney+. This is evident by the fact that there is even a landing page for the film on the service, although it is not fully operational yet.

Avatar: The Way Of Water will not be released on Disney+ for a long time

Avatar 2 Way of Water How Much Box Office

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, studios changed their plans by allowing theatrical releases to appear on their respective streaming services between one and two months after opening. While some studios still adhere to this format, Disney has proven its willingness to allow films to reach their box office potential, whatever that may be. This was seen with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which is still not coming to Disney+ almost two months after its theatrical release. The case has been the same with 2022’s top-grossing film at the box office Top Gun: Maverick, which is only now seeing a Paramount+ release seven months after its theatrical release.

The Avatar: The Way of the Water box office, combined with this small change in how studios use streaming services, means the film is unlikely to be released on Disney+ anytime soon. James Cameron’s films tend to have long box office runs, especially if 2009 Avatar is something to go by. If Avatar 2 emulating the longevity of its predecessor, which stayed well in theaters for over four months after its domestic release, it is likely that Avatar: The Way of the Water will not be seen on Disney+ until spring 2023 at the earliest.

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