The Way of Water be on Disney Plus?

The Way of Water be on Disney Plus?

When is Avatar: The Way of Water coming to Disney Plus? We discuss if and when Avatar 2 is likely to come to Disney+.

Avatar: The Way of the Wateror known as Avatar 2, crashes into theaters in December, bringing what is hoped to be a smash hit to a beleaguered box office. The film is already being praised for its technological innovations and visual qualities. This is a must see film in the cinema.

But for people who want to skip the theater experience and watch The way of the water at home on Disney+, they might wait a while. The film is bound to wash up on Disney+ at some point, though it probably won’t be soon.

Is Avatar: The Way of Water coming to Disney Plus?

ONEpp Avatar: The Way of the Water is a film exclusively owned by Disney, it will likely find its way to Disney Plus at some point. The first Avatar is already on the service, so it would be surprising if the sequel didn’t join.

But before joining, Disney wants to give the film a clear shot at making money.

When is Avatar: The Way of Water coming to Disney Plus?

Disney has not announced a date when Avatar: The way of the water will be put on Disney Plus. There’s a 45-day exclusivity period for movies showing in theaters, so the earliest the movie could be streamed is Monday, January 30, but this is incredibly unlikely.

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Avatar 2 has a huge price tag linked to production costs and marketing. The Hollywood Reporter claimed that the film’s production budget is somewhere between $350 million and $400 million dollars, and this is before marketing costs are added. If true, this would make it one of the most expensive films in Hollywood. The cinemas will also take some of the money The way of the water stock at the box office, so the film will have a long way to go to become profitable. Disney won’t release it on Disney+ too quickly or it won’t make its money back.

The studio will also give the film room to make millions of dollars and over a billion, potentially two. This will mean keeping it off the flow for a while, and giving it a clear run towards that goal.

One last reason Avatar 2 probably not going to stream right away, is that if it becomes a runaway hit, like the first movie or Top Gun: MaverickDisney will let it play out and make money. Top Gun: Maverick released on 27 May (UK release date) and will not hit Paramount+ to December 22, over 200 days later (209 days to be exact). It is possible that The way of the water may take that long to appear on Disney+. If it’s a hit in theaters, it won’t be streaming anytime soon.

What is James Cameron’s opinion on streaming?

James Cameron’s opinion on streaming may also have an effect on how long the film is shown on Disney+, in the same way that Tom Cruise’s anti-streaming opinion is a reason for Mavericks long wait for a streaming debut.

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In an interview with Indian ExpressCameron was asked if he was worried about being released Avatar: The Way of the Water 13 years after the original. While expressing his confidence, he added “What worries me is that the market has contracted because of the dual streaming and the pandemic, it’s slowly coming back … so can we be profitable in a changed market? … We’ll know in a few weeks, I guess.

Disney would probably have assured him of that The way of the water profits will not be threatened by Disney+

Cameron has also commented on the film’s budget. In an interview with GQ Magazine in November he was asked how expensive the film was. He didn’t give a hard number, but he said that for the film to be profitable, “you have to be the third or fourth highest-grossing film in history. That’s your threshold. That’s your break.”

Compared to the figures given by The Hollywood Reporterthis seems like a bit of an exaggeration, but it illustrates the point The way of the water will not and cannot be a film that stays in theaters for 45 days. If it went to stream this quickly, the film would likely be a complete box office hit.

A final point to consider is the type of film The way of the water is. The film is celebrated for its impressive and immersive visuals by critics, and that will be part of the magic of watching it on the big screen. Just like Maverick, The way of the water isn’t meant to be seen on a small screen, so it’s likely the film will stay off Disney+ for a while yet.

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