The Muppet Christmas Carol Extended Cut is finally getting a Disney+ release

The Muppet Christmas Carol Extended Cut is finally getting a Disney+ release

A new extended cut of The Muppet Christmas Carol, which will include the song “When Love is Gone,” is finally getting a Disney+ release date in December.

The Muppet’s Christmas Carol extended cut is finally getting its Disney+ release next month. Disney released The Muppet’s Christmas Carol in 1992 to modest commercial and critical success. It has since had a niche following, and spawned the 2002 sequel It’s a very happy Muppet Christmas movie and remain a Christmas party among the public for decades to come.

The film is a musical version of the 1843 Charles Dickens novel A Christmas carol, Casting beloved Muppet mainstays in roles made famous by the book. For example, Gonzo is the narrator, Kermit is Mr. Cratchit, and Waldorf is Jacob Marley, to name a few. Scrooge himself is played by Michael Caine. The Muppet’s Christmas Carol was directed by Brian Henson, son of Jim Henson, and was the first Muppets feature film produced after the original creator’s death.


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Earlier this year, news broke that Disney+ would soon house the extended cut The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. In accordance Gizmodo, the film will make its big streaming debut on December 9, just in time for the holidays. This extended version has been awaited by fans for some time now.

What’s different in the Muppet Christmas Carol Extended Cut

The The Muppets Christmas Carol extended cut will include the song “When Love is Gone”, which was an important facet of the original theatrical release and VHS version, but was later cut when it went to DVD. The song was considered by Jeffrey Katzenberg, head of Disney at the time of the DVD release, to be too sad for a children’s feature. But fans immediately realized that “When Love is Gone” had been left out, and found the cut jarring. The song was in many ways the heart of it The Muppet’s Christmas Carol, and its removal from the DVD and subsequent streaming versions has become notorious among fans who grew up watching the original. The song was written by Paul Williams, who is best known for writing “That Rainbow Connection”, featured in the 1979 film The Muppet Movie.

“When Love is Gone” has been touted as a Disney+ special for a while now, but the upcoming The Muppet Christmas Carol release will fully integrate it back into the film. This is the extended cut’s biggest difference from the original version, and it’s also the most anticipated change. Disney+ already has a number of lively Christmas releases on the way, from the limited series The Santa Clauses to The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. Now, Muppet Christmas Carol joins the holiday festivities with its emotional musical moment fully intact.

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