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The Challenge ”Coming soon to Disney + (USA) – What’s happening at Disney Plus

The Challenge ”Coming soon to Disney + (USA) – What’s happening at Disney Plus

Disney has announced that Bear Grylls is back with several daring and exciting episodes of the hit series “Running Wild with Bear Grylls”. Aside from this season, he kicks things up a notch by introducing RUN WILD WITH BEAR GRILL: CHALLENGE. With premieres on National Geographic and Disney +, Bear takes the daring adventures to the next level by teaching celebrity guests important survival skills that they must master and then prove they can use in a high-stress situation.

premieres Monday, July 25 at. 9 / 8c on National Geographic with first guest The Mighty Thor Natalie Portman (“Thor: Love and Thunder”). After the premiere, weekly episodes will feature Marvel superhero Simu Liu (“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”), actor Ashton Kutcher (“Two and a Half Men”), Oscar nominee for “Little Women” Florence Pugh ( “Black Widow”), actor Anthony Anderson (“black-ish”, And actor and comedian Rob Riggle (“ Holey Moley ”). All episodes of the latest season will only be streamed on August 10 at Disney + in the US. Expect the series to be released on Disney + in other countries at a later date.

This season, guests will not only be physically and mentally pressured – like throwing themselves into a frozen lake in the Canadian Rockies or searching for food in the deserts of the Great Basin – but Bear will test each of his survival skills. This time they will be tested over other guests: after Bear has taught each of them a key set of skills, they must master them on their own and distribute those skills in a high-intensity moment to earn their way out of the wilderness.

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The celebrity guest lineup and the challenges include the following:

    Premiere July 25 at 9 / 8c on National Geographic
    Streams only August 10 at Disney +
    Bear takes Oscar® winner Natalie Portman into the castle gorges of southern Utah. Their adventure begins when Bear jumps from his helicopter to Natalie’s 4 × 4. They move into the Escalante Desert, where Bear teaches Natalie piton placements, rope system transmissions and fire starts as they descend into various gorges. Natalie uses her new skills as they climb a mountain and try to light a signal fire for recovery.
    Premiere August 1 at 9 / 8c on National Geographic
    Streams only August 10 at Disney +
    Bear takes Marvel superhero Simu Liu to the Canadian Rockies. When the adventure begins, they must trigger an avalanche to clear the way to a ravine and find an old cabin or risk cooling down when the temperature drops below -20. The next day, Bear sets the ultimate Arctic challenge: Simu must undress to plunge into a frozen lake and then navigate to a dog team to take them back to civilization.
    Premiere August 8 at 9 / 8c on National Geographic
    Streams only August 10 at Disney +
    Ashton Kutcher joins Bear to challenge Costa Rica’s coastal jungle. Their adventure begins with a helicopter jump into the Pacific Ocean. When swimming ashore, they must canoe up a river to fish for dinner, then descend a 300-foot cliff into the jungle. The next day, Bear sets up a command creep rope challenge. Ashton must use all the strength he can muster to cross a huge gap.
    Premiere August 15 at 9 / 8c on National Geographic
    Streams only August 10 at Disney +
    Bear rappels from a helicopter and takes Florence Pugh to the volcanic rainforests of Costa Rica. Bear shows Florence how to cross rapids, test river depth with a rope and rock, and avoid poisonous snakes and deep cliff edges. They cross an alligator-infested bog and catch eels for dinner. On day two, Florence must test the depth of a waterfall pool before choosing to jump from a high cliff into a set of rapids below. Finally, they jump out of a 10,000-foot plane to the recovery.
    Premiere August 22 at 9 / 8c on National Geographic
    Streams only August 10 at Disney +
    Anthony Anderson joins Bear in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Bear throws his backpacks from the helicopter and challenges Anthony to survive with just a rope and compass. On the ground, Bear Anthony learns navigation and knotting skills. On day two, Bear leaves Anthony to use his new skills to secure his climb up a clean mountain wall. Anthony will dig deep to get to the recovery point.
    Premiere August 22 at 10 / 9c on National Geographic
    Streams only August 10 at Disney +
    Bear puts Rob Riggle through survival tests in the Great Basin to prepare for Rob’s latest film role. They begin by rappelling from a helicopter to travel west, where Riggle learns the ropes and then faces an even bigger rope challenge. Once on the canyon floor, Bear Rob learns to cross the river, look for food and build a rudimentary shelter. The next day, Rob must avoid being spotted by Bear or face the fear of skydiving.
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Previous seasons of RUNS WILD WITH BEAR GRILL currently streaming on Disney + with guests including Channing Tatum, Brie Larson, Anthony Mackie, Dave Bautista, Cara Delevingne, Bobby Bones, Terry Crews, Rainn Wilson, Keegan-Michael Key and more.

RUNNING WILD WITH BEAR GRYLLS: THE CHALLENGE was developed by Bear Grylls and Delbert Shoopman. The series is produced by Electus, a Propagate Company, and The Natural Studios. For Electus and The Natural Studios, Bear Grylls acts as executive producer alongside Chris Grant, Drew Buckley, Ben Silverman, Howard Owens, Liz Schulze, Rob Buchta and Delbert Shoopman. For National Geographic, Bengt Anderson and Sean David Johnson are executive producers.

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