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The 10 highest-rated episodes of the Star Wars Disney + series, according to IMDb

The 10 highest-rated episodes of the Star Wars Disney + series, according to IMDb

Begins with The Mandalorianup to Obi-Wan Kenobiand will continue in the future, Star Wars has released new streaming content on a regular basis over the last three years, with some hits and misses along the way.

Since 2019, Star Wars has released five original series and aired the final season of the animated anthology The Clone Wars exclusively at Disney +. Although not all of these episodes have been hits, some have proven to be critical darlings, achieving high ratings according to the International Movie Database.


10 The Mandalorian: “Tragedy” (9.1)

Baby Yoda runs Tython The Mandalorian

The sixth episode of The Mandalorian season 2, titled “The Tragedy” has a high user rating of 9.1 on IMDB. It follows Din Djarin and Grogu as they try to contact a Jedi on the planet Tython, where they instead meet Boba Fett and Fennec Shand.

This episode builds up to the season finale and is memorable for featuring some of the worst things that have ever happened to Din Djarin, including the destruction of Razor Crest and the kidnapping of Grogu. It also marked the beginning of a new direction for storytelling in Star Wars Disney + content, setting up Boba Fett’s eventual spinoff series.

9 The Book Of Boba Fett: “Return Of The Mandalorian” (9.2)

Gets a rating of 9.2 from IMDB users, the fifth episode of The book by Boba Fett already considered a classic. This part of the streaming show took a deviation from the main plot, and reintroduced Mandalorian for the first time since he sent Grogu away to train with Luke Skywalker.

Although this episode feels more like an episode of The Mandaloriansince it does not even have Boba Fett in his own self-titled show, it offers the same sensible storytelling that fans have become fond of in Djarin’s solo series, while promising great things for the show’s return in 2023.

8 The Mandalorian: “Redemption” (9.2)

IG-11 and Grogu in The Mandalorian

The finale of season 1 of The Mandalorian received a rating of 9.2 on IMDB, which apparently reassured fans with the way it ended the first stage of Din Djarin’s journey. The episode follows Djarin and his assorted crew as they fight the evil Moff Gideon to save the kidnapped Grogu.

This episode has a lot of suspense, but really hovers in its more emotional moments, including the heartfelt scene between Djarin and IG-11, where the former finally appears without the helmet. The latest image of the episode also hints at next season’s story, revealing that Gideon possesses the important Mandalorian Darksaber.

7 The Book Of Boba Fat: “From the Desert Comes a Stranger” (9.3)

Cad Bane in the Book of Boba Fett Finale

Although The book by Boba Fett received mixed reviews from fans and critics, the sixth episode was unanimously praised, and received a rating of 9.3 on IMDB. The story of the episode continued to follow Din Djarin as he sought out Luke Skywalker, while also introducing the live-action version of Cad Bane, a longtime antagonist who was originally introduced in The Clone Wars.

While this episode continues its long departure from the series’ overall plot, it outweighs its tangential storytelling with incredibly appealing moments, including an unexpected cameo from Ahsoka Tano himself and a glimpse of Luke Skywalker’s teaching tactics.

6 The Mandalorian: “The Jedi” (9.4)

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian

With a user rating of 9.4, “The Jedi” is one of the most beloved episodes in The Mandalorian history. This part of the Disney + series is very important for the franchise, and marks Rosario Dawson’s first appearance as the live-action adaptation of Ahsoka Tano, setting up any of the character’s self-titled spinoffs.

Apart from the clear fan service of introducing a live-action Ahsoka Tano, “The Jedi” manages to weave together a compelling neo-Samurai story, which really goes back to the franchise’s roots. It also reveals the most information about Grog’s origins in an episode so far, giving fans some of the answers they’ve been looking for, including his name, while raising new questions.

5 The Clone Wars: “Old Friends Not Forgotten” (9.7)

Ahsoka Siege of Mandalore Star Wars Clone Wars season 7

“Old Friends Now Forgotten” starts the last arc The Clone Wars. With a user rating of 9.7 on IMDB, the episode Ahsoka Tano reunites with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi as they try to remove Maul from the throne in Mandalore, and team up with Bo-Katan Kryze to do so.

This episode marked a crucial shift in The Clone Wars‘last season, with a much darker tone than the previous eight episodes in which the events in Revenge of the Sith come closer. It also depicts the siege of Mandalore in a truly epic way, bringing to life an event that has only ever been talked about before in the Star Wars canon.

4 The Clone Wars: “Shattered” (9.8)

Ahsoka under attack under order 66

The penultimate episode of The Clone Warstitled “Shattered”, which has a rating of 9.8 on IMDB, finally delivers the show’s promise to portray a new angle to the infamous Order 66 scene in Revenge of the Sith. The episode contains Ahsoka Tano’s story when the clone soldiers are ordered to kill their Jedi generals.

After years of building up to this moment, The Clone Wars really nails it, delivering a punchy and heartbreaking half turn for many beloved clone characters. Following the fall of the Jedi through Ahsoka’s eyes was ingenious on the part of showrunners, marking “Shattered” as one of the best episodes of last season of The Clone Wars.

3 The Mandalorian: “The Rescue” (9.8)

Season 2 final off The Mandalorianand the last episode so far, “The Rescue” aired in December 2020. Almost two years later, the episode has a healthy IMDB rating of 9.8, thanks in part to the epic finale, which looked back to a big Star Wars character and the emotional ending to season 2’s compelling plot.

As the highest rated episode of The Mandalorian Ever, “The Rescue” encapsulates much of what fans love about the series. Filled with action and well-executed fan service, the course of the Star Wars series was changed forever when Mark Hamill returned as Luke Skywalker, and hinted at a greater future for his character. Even more gripping, however, is the emotional farewell between Din Djarin and Grogu as the latter sets off with Skywalker to be trained in the Jedi roads.

2 The Clone Wars: “Victory And Death” (9.9)

The Clone Wars Season 7 Final Shot

With a pristine user rating of 9.9 on IMDB, “Victory and Death” is one of the highest rated episodes in Star Wars history, and also serves as the best season finale in The Clone Wars’ history. The very last episode of the animated anthology series depicts Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex as they try to escape the beginning of Order 66 without harming their brainwashed comrades.

This episode brings the beloved animated series to a fitting and exciting ending, and plays directly into the events of Revenge of the Sith. What began as a cartoon meant for children turned into a gloomy war series where lives are lost and principles are broken. Everything can be summed up in the last picture of the series, while a quiet Darth Vader is shown walking in the distance through the lens of a fallen clone soldier’s helmet.

1 The Clone Wars: “The Phantom Apprentice” (9.9)

A snapshot from the Star Wars The Clone Wars episode The Phantom Apprentice.

“The Phantom Apprentice,” the second episode of The Last Bow of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is the highest rated episode of Star Wars TV that premieres on Disney +, with a rating of 9.9 from IMDB users. The episode features the return of Darth Maul, who confronts Ahsoka Tano during the siege of Mandalore with an offer. However, when Ahsoka refuses, the two take part in a forbidden duel in the barricades in the city.

This episode contains everything the fans have been waiting for from a top series of the series. Its meaningful allusions to the ongoing events depicted in Revenge of the Sith serve to increase the excitement, as the audience discovers that the end is approaching. In addition, the match between Ahsoka and Maul shows the growth of both characters during the season and has quickly become one of fandom’s favorite lightsaber duels throughout the franchise.

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