Star Wars is reportedly bringing witches to live-action

Star Wars is reportedly bringing witches to live-action

Rumor has it that Star Wars will finally bring its witches to live-action Skeleton crew on Disney+.

Earlier it was revealed how Ahsoka would explore a whole new area of ​​space never seen before – alongside having Thrawn as the big bad.

This show was also said to introduce new concepts that would carry over to other shows down the line.

Interestingly, in the same report, Ivanna Sakhno was said to play a Nightsister or Lightsister in the Rosario Dawson-led show. For reference, the race of aliens was last seen in the animated Clone Wars performance.

Now, a new rumor indicates that they will play a role in another upcoming Star Wars project.

Witches return to Star Wars

Thanks to Making Star Wars, fans now have some new information about Skeleton crew and a potential power witch inclusion in the streaming series.

The outlet revealed that the Jude Law-led Disney+ show will crossover with Ahsoka series by exploring the origins of The Nightsisters. The group of compulsive users, who are also referred to as witches, were first seen in The Clone Wars and is rumored to appear in Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka.

Night Sisters

The Nightsisters are an ancient society that once made their home on Dathomir, where Darth Maul came from; they also have a connection to Clone Wars-era Sith, Asajj Ventress. They tend to use the dark side of the force without being consumed by it like the Sith.

Night Sisters

The report then went on to share how they have seen images of masks for the productions, which included confirmation of “Weequays, Baradas, Mon Cals, Rodians” and other “big hits”.

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Making Star Wars specifically singled out a Weequay that looked a lot like Hondo Ohnoka (also from The Clone Wars) – although they were unable to confirm anything other than the mysterious alien wearing glasses.

Hondo Ohnaka

Why ‘Skeleton Crew’ Will Be So Important to Star Wars

As exciting as the Jedi are, the Star Wars franchise has always been lacking when it comes to showcasing alternative Force users. Lightsaber wielders, in Jedi and Sith, are far from the only ones obsessed with the Force and its powers.

A key example is obviously the aforementioned Nightsisters, but there are others – such as The Path cult seen in Phase 2 of Lucasfilms’ High Republic publishing initiative.

While Ivanna Sakhno’s witch will apparently appear Ahsokaif she really is a Nightsister or Lightsister, it feels like the character will almost certainly continue to appear in Skeleton crew also.

Also if Ahsoka exploring as many new concepts as rumored and assuming some of it bleeds over Skeleton crewwill the new show be far more important than anyone expected.

That’s even more true if the Jude Law-led series also brings Hondo to live-action — a character that somehow still hasn’t made it out of animation. Although he has a realistic animatronic on Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge.

The trend of bridging the gap between live-action and animated has gone strong ever since The Mandaloriandebut, and fans are likely ecstatic to hear that even more elements of the fan-favorite projects will be making it to the big screen.

Both Ahsoka and Skeleton crew has been announced to premiere in 2023, with Ahsoka expected to debut first.

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