Six nostalgic lines from movies on Disney+ that now make sense as an adult – Manila Bulletin

Six nostalgic lines from movies on Disney+ that now make sense as an adult – Manila Bulletin

We all had our favorite movies when we were kids, along with scenes and characters we’ll never forget. But sometimes even stories meant for children hide some lines that may not have made sense before, but hit harder as an adult.

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If you’re in the mood to go down memory lane while picking up some pearls of wisdom, here are some lines from movies on Disney+ that really make sense after hearing them again:

  • “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” – Rafiki, The Lion King (1994)

The Lion King (1994) had many lessons about growing up and acceptance, especially the concept of ‘Hakuna Matata’ or as translated from Swahili, “there are no problems.” But perhaps this is one of the best pieces of advice from Rafiki and applies to many challenges in life that you may have had.

From getting over a heartbreak to unresolved arguments with loved ones, it’s up to you to avoid and forget these memories or to examine what you can learn from them and move on.

  • “Well, it’s the usual stuff: flowers, chocolates…promises you don’t intend to keep.” – Cogsworth, Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Cogsworth had a funny response to the Beast asking him what he could do for Belle, but in retrospect this is an interesting take on romance and relationships in general. As you get older, you may have realized that people can make promises they don’t intend to keep because they want to impress or woo others.

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This line is both a warning to you to be wary of big statements people make, but also a reminder to you to only make promises you know you can keep.

  • “You never forget kids like Emily or Andy, but they forget you.” – Jessie, Toy Story 2 (1999)

Have you ever thought about how much you may have impacted someone’s life? As Jessie thought about how her owner Emily eventually forgot about her, it feels exactly the same with people you’ve lost touch with over the years.

You may have met a teacher or a random stranger who left a big impression on you only to have them disappear, but there are also people who you have touched deeply and may not even remember. It’s times like these when it’s important to hold on to our memories rather than dwell on the person we’ve lost.

  • “Do or don’t. There is no attempt.” – Yoda, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

You may have written it off as a funny saying after hearing Yoda say this for the first time, but Yoda is wise in his own ways. Success and failure are realities in the world and all you can do is your best to have more successes than failures.

“Trying” implies that you doubt that you can do something and that you are not fully committed to it. Here, Yoda reminds us that there will be failures in life, but that shouldn’t stop you from committing to your goals instead of always keeping one foot out the door.

  • “Your overconfidence is your weakness.” – Luke Skywalker, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983)
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Like Yoda’s famous line, Luke’s response to the Emperor during the finale of Return of the Jedi may have appeared as a simple line, but has a lot of meaning when you look back on it.

Confidence is important to prevent doubt from hindering your ability to do things, but being too confident can also lead to failure. You may miss details such as important instructions or additional requirements, refuse to accept additional knowledge, or fail to see the harm your choices are causing others.

  • “Don’t be ridiculous, Andrea. Everybody wants this.” – Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

If you have seen The Devil Wears PradaMiranda Priestly tells Andrea how privileged she should feel to live such a charmed life. Living a life of luxury where everyone does what it takes to get ahead is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Success can have an ugly side at times, and some people will do anything to achieve their goals at the expense of others. But when we see Andrea walk away after getting out of the car, we realize that not everyone wants to have to drag others down to get what they want, and that you don’t have to go down that road to find your fulfillment.

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