Retaliation for Santa’s role in ‘The Santa Clauses’ was ‘difficult and magical’ – Press and Guide

Retaliation for Santa’s role in ‘The Santa Clauses’ was ‘difficult and magical’ – Press and Guide

After 2006’s “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause,” actor/comedian Tim Allen, an alumnus of Seaholm High School in Birmingham and Western Michigan University, thought he was done playing Santa.

But Disney General Entertainment Content chairman Dana Walden approached Allen about portraying Santa in “The Santa Clauses,” a six-part miniseries currently airing on Disney+. The final premieres on Wednesday 14 December.

“It’s a bridge between TV episodes and movies. I said, ‘Look, just frame it for me like chapters in a book.’ It’s about the clauses about the clauses — it’s a double standard, if you will,” said Allen, 69, of Los Angeles, also known for the long-running sitcoms “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing,” as well as the “Toy Story” franchise.

Allen’s time as Santa began with “The Santa Clause” from 1994. In it, Santa Claus (Steve Lucescu, Allen’s stunt double) falls from the roof of Scott Calvin’s (Allen) house and disappears. Scott then becomes the new Santa.

In “Clauses”, Allen wanted to address the following question: What happened to the previous Santa Claus? Why did the elves never ask about him? Were there other wife clauses?

“The writers listened and came up with a really beautiful idea,” he said. “It ends this issue of the clauses. It had to adapt, answer some questions, point to the future, entertain kids and families. It’s not rocket science. . . . When (the writers) finished the script, (the crew) had very little time to (make) costumes for all the elves and the sets. It was like a war zone the way the crew worked to make it look the way it did. It was mind-blowing how beautiful this thing looked, given how little time we had to do this.”

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The season finale episode of “The Santa Clauses” airs Wednesday, December 14 on Disney+. (Photo by James Clark/Disney)

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